3 Killer Facebook Marketing Secrets Unleashed


Every business is facing the challenges to reach the prospective customers that match the targeted segment profile, present them the brand in most engaging way creating the intended brand perception, solidify the brand loyalty and win leads out of them.

This article can help you achieve an unprecedented lead over your competition if you leverage the channel’s full potential.

Following are the powerful marketing features discussed in details in the article:

  • Advertisement targeting clients’ buying patterns and preferences on top of demographics etc.
  • Clients are offered engaging applications that entice friends to collaborate, comment, recommend and like marketed stuff.
  • Adaptive advertisement to viewer’s preferences, buying patters, demographics.

Before we discuss these features in detail lets see the importance of internet and specially social media for marketing.

Social Media Facts-Stats Published 2013

The United States spent 121 billion minutes on social media sites in July 2012 alone, according to Nielsen’s annual Social Media report. That is 388 minutes or 6-1/2 hours per person per month. At the same time 83% of this time by the social media users is spent on Facebook.

Share of time spent on Social Networking Site

According to Pews Internet & American Life survey (released Feb 14, 2013), 67% of internet users on social media use Facebook. They including women and adults aged 18-29, living in a big city, with a college degree and a household income of more than $75k a year.

The New Social Media Leader

Although, clearly Facebook is the only social media channel that has such a wide social reach. But the story actually begins from here. Unless there are powerful tools for marketers and businesses to leverage the possible social reach besides growing the community organically the whole opportunity would have been a mere theory.

Facebook came up very strongly on the tools side in the past year and a half. They have introduced considerably powerful applications and tools that marketers can leverage amazingly to their benefit.

It is these tools that make Facebook a real ‘Killer Social Media Marketing Channel’. Let us share the tools in further details.

3 Killer Facebook Marketing Features – Marketers Empowered

There are three ways besides the organic way of developing the Facebook fans and their activity that can really boost the businesses’ marketing reach:

  1. Facebook Apps
  2. Facebook Advertisement
  3. Unpublished Posts

Lets see each option one by one.

Power Of Facebook Apps

A Facebook app leverages your marketing potential in Facebook – simply because you can post in the wall of users who are using the Facebook app.

Victoria Ransom, founder and CEO of Wildfire, notes that some of the most sharable content are “personality” apps, including quizzes, trivia and “pick your favorites.”

“All these applications serve to shine a spotlight on a user’s persona,” Ransom says. “These apps allow the user to broadcast to his friend’s elements of his personality, his trendsetter nature, his style and aptitude. And it turns out, users really enjoy doing that!”


Having the ability to post updates, news or further promotions in your target market’s Facebook profile page means you are tapping all their contacts to yourself. This is the best advantage of a Facebook app over a simple Facebook page.

Another marketing strategy a Facebook app allows you to use is email marketing. Once you have the email of a Facebook user, you can send them further support, promotions, news, etc., in their email inbox. To date, email marketing has proved the most effective conversion method of any online marketing process.

Facebook Paid Advertisement – Boundless Opportunities

Advertisement on Facebook allows you not only to target just your fans’ friends and leverage their relationship but also your competitor’s fans and your own fans.

Up until recently, you could target ads to Facebook users based only on the information they provide in their profiles (age, gender, school, location, employer) and both precise and broad interests.

Within the past year, Facebook has launchedCustom Audiences,Conversion Tracking,Sponsored Results,Lookalike Audiences and a whole lot more.

Partner Categories is the latest tool added to your Facebook toolbox. Here’s what you need to know and how to use Facebook’s Partner Categories to reach the audience you want with your Facebook advertising.

Facebook partnered with Acxiom, Datalogix Epsilon and BlueKai to make Partner Categories a reality. These partners provide data on Facebook users’ online and offline activities away from Facebook to create more refined targeting opportunities.

Now there are more than 500 categories that you can target associated with things like purchase history, job role and lifestyle.

Here are few examples of the power of Partner Categories:

  • Household size of 6 (8,842,800 users)
  • Upscale department store credit card user (34,618,400 users)
  • Home office supply purchases (2,638,300 users)
  • Aftermarket vehicle purchase over 48 months ago (11,952,800 users)
  • Baby food & products buyers (10,497,100 users)
  • Casino vacations (4,242,000 users)
  • Dog owner (12,643,500 users)
  • Fitness buyers—runners (5,950,600 users)
  • Teacher/educator (223,000 users)
  • Donate to veteran causes (7,016,400)


So, in the context of the targeted advertisement, the criteria to define your target audience goes beyond the conventional attributes of age, location, sex, industry etc to buying power, active spending interests and so on and so forth. Its upto the marketers creativity that how to squeeze maximum benefits on marketing spending.


Unpublished Posts – Simply Powerful

Using unpublished posts that run as page post ads in News Feed, businesses can show users more relevant content. A service could show longtime users one version of an ad, new users another, and leads yet another.


Advertisers can also do more creative optimization by testing variations of copy or images.

cost per sign up


What industries:

Naming a few, Automotive, Retails and Banking benefited the most with Facebook marketing after Film, Fashion & Apparel, Music and Restaurants industries.


Time spent by social media users on Facebook  is 67% of the total time spent on rest of the platforms. It qualifies Facebook’s dominance in the social media space. Businesses launching Facebook apps or running paid advertisements can intelligently select  the users’ online and offline buying patterns and activities away from Facebook to create more engaging campaigns.  Facebook applications for instance can enable businesses to engage users in a more customized and interactive way.  Last but not least the  concept of unpublished posts i.e. you show each user a different version of the post or even don’t show it again based on users activities online or offline even away from Facebook. These are the ground breaking new features added to Facebook in the last one year or so, that makes it the only Killer Marketing Channel!

In short, this decade is for cross-channel marketing and the notion of ‘inbound marketing’ is further supported by the interactive marketing concepts – clients interact with applications and share their preferences and buying intentions.  So, when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook applications, paid marketing and unpublished posts can help businesses win maximum bang for the buck!


Case Study:

Ford Motor’s Facebook application raised fan base from 13K to 88K. Read More

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