Are you ready to enter into a multi-million dollar eCommerce Sales league?


Below, see how we boost eCommerce sales by establishing a digital sales engine.


KST North America (Smart Neji) Increased Their Online Sales by 150% Every 3-Months.

Here is how we help our customers achieve the online sales growth. See below.

Less or no Online Sales

The company was unable to boost the online sales revenue

Month over month 30% Sales Boost

The company started to witness boosting online sales revenues and then it hit the hockey stick curve.

Difficult Sales Analysis

Its hard to collect all sales channels data and run analysis for sales strategies.

Simple Sales Analysis

It became easy to get the unified sales data and run analytics for sales strategies.

Explaining Success

Tomoko Sato, CEO
Smart NEJI Ltd.

What drives us? Satisfied customers. Listen to what they say about GeoViz.

Within three months, KST ranked amongst top 10 on Amazon Canada and USA.

It’s a complete science involving research and analysis repetitively on the ongoing basis.

  • Products research.
  • competitors research.
  • SEO at each product level.

As the CEO you have instant access to omni channel sales report.

You can analyze independently the sales performance across sales channels.

  • See B2B and B2C sales as Pie charts.
  • See the leader board sales reps.
  • See the leader board products and customers.

KST North America’s online brand store in a few weeks.

Everything completed in a matter of weeks.

  • Rebranding; Logo design, color pallet.
  • Products professional shoots
  • Professional videos

Timely sales data analysis and marketing actions boosted online sales.

Data analysis, finding opportunities spanning across different times of year is an ongoing need.

  • Pin point loopholes in strategy.
  • Find new opportunities for increasing sales.
  • Beat the competition at every business dimension.

eSaleStormTM Journey – Step By Step

It’s a well detailed program with well defined milestones.

  • 1.

    Apply for eStormSalesTM membership.
    Click here to submit request

  • 2.

    We’ll request you for the details of your top 5 selling products for each market category.

  • 3.

    We take two weeks in the evaluation process.

  • 4.

    If your product/s qualify, we’ll onboard you into the eSaleStormTM program.
    The journey to greater success begins!

Digital Commerce

End To End eCommerce Services All Under One Roof

Get a Team of eCommerce Consultants, Engineers, Designers, & Marketers.


Get Your B2C Online Store

We have advanced Shopify expertise around customizations.


Be a Marketplace Seller

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Get Guaranteed sales

Our specialized eCommerce sales-boosting teams bring results.


Streamline Inventory & Fulfilment

Get live inventory numbers ship orders errors-free same day.

Listen to What Our Customers Say About Us

Geoviz is like my mentor, it helped me understand how the latest technology can be used effectively to achieve my goals.

What we get from Geoviz is all that; the software, design, support…I like working with them, they have given me what I’ve needed over years.

I would recommend Geoviz to anyone that’s looking for an honest team to put together your software application as a service.

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