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Whether you are a small startup or an enterprise retailer, our solutions can help you reach the next level

Drop Shipping Solutions

For Retailers Wholesalers & Manufacturers



Automate orders to suppliers and shipments updates to buyers.


Wholesalers Working with Dropshippers

Get orders from multiple drop shippers right in the warehouse


Manufacturers Working With Dropshippers

Seamlessly work with drop shippers with order pushed to the factory.


What We Offer


Private Supplier Integrations

Sell through any supplier with minimal effort.


Sync Inventory & Orders

Real time synchronization between orders and inventory


Cross Supplier SKU Mapping

Map variants from different products into one product effortlessly.


Intelligent Order Routing

To build customer loyalty and improve delivery speeds.


Accounting Systems Integration

Streamlined tracking of your dropshipping finances.


Tiered Pricing

You can configure tiered pricing as a seller or product level pricing.

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Yes, we can add as many suppliers you’d like without affecting the functionality.
Geoviz tailors it’s services and solutions to client’s needs, and this also goes for our engagement models. You can pay a one time fee or choose to hire a team on a monthly rate.
Not long at all. You will start seeing results from day one, and you will be breaking your profit records in no time. That is our guarantee.
No, you will only be charged for the services/features you choose to employ for your business.
Yes, we can integrate with any system that you have set in place without affecting business continuity.
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