Customer success story

Tax Authority’s Excise and VAT Processes

Public Sector
A country in the Middle East
To translate excise and VAT laws to business processes and integrate in with current SAP landscape.
SAP Business Process Design

Technologies Involved

ERP Solution


VAT tax laws

Effective and robust tax administration through SAP


The main challenge for this project was to imagine and conceptualize the future excise and VAT processes based on newly announced and enacted laws in the country. There were many vendors involved who were involved in different aspects of the solution. For example, the Customs Authority was responsible for collecting the excise tax on excisable products. The strategy vendor provided the overall strategy and roadmap. There was an existing SAP implementation vendor. So Geoviz consultants have to play a bridge between all these parties and effectively design the business processes and get them implemented before the deadline.

The Solution

The client already had SAP as their base or core ERP solution for other functions such as HR, Finance and Procurement. Now the vision was to expose this solution through the web to different taxpayers (100K+) on the announcement of the excise and VAT tax laws. We designed a business process solution based on laws and regulations to help the system integrate and understand it. Helped them architecture for the revised solution, identify and mitigate all the enterprise architecture risks. Built the roll out strategy. Finally, I worked with them to design UX and UI elements.

The Result

  • Solution was successfully implemented and went live without major issues and problems.
  • All the end-users (tax payers in the country) and internal employees successfully performed different functions like submitted tax returns, and follow up on the status. 
  • Integration with the customers authority’s solution through SAP PI to incorporate data for excise tax payers entering into the country through sea, land and air routes.