Customer success story

CPQ and Docusign

Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Faster customer relationship management setup

Technologies Involved

Sales Cloud



Transition to faster customer relationship management setup


Our customer was facing multiple challenges; No Consistent processes to track leads and opportunities resulting in longer and inefficient sales processes. Leads managed in Emails, documents and spreadsheets leading to inconsistencies and variations from in different quotes. Leadership with limited visibility into Sales pipeline

The Solution

We developed the solution Working with Sales Consultants to understand Sales cycles and Quote Process and map it to Sales Cloud and CPQ. Minor customizations done to suit business processes. Added custom quoting and Contracting capabilities which not only improved the quote process but also provided efficiency for easy and secure signing of quotes using DocuSign. Customized Sales Cloud to provide reports on Leads and Opportunities based on business and management needs.

The Result

Upon completion of the project, following benefits were recognized by the customer. Consistent Quotes enforcing standardizations and better customer experience. Reduced Quote times (hours vs days). Improved Customer service, faster sales cycles and high visibility for management