Customer success story

Land Records Management

Oil & Gas
Saudi Arabia
To have a digital solution to manage land records of thousands of square kilometers effectively and efficiently.
SAP Implementation

Technologies Involved



ESRI GIS solution

EMC Documentum

From papers records to digital records in SAP Records and Case Management


  • There were 100 of thousands records in paper format for land in the country which the client was managing for 100s of years. Some of the records were digitized and were available in different legacy formats.
  • First challenge was to have unified file formats for land records.
  • Secondly, many records have to be obtained through satellite imagery.
  • All the information about land was to be integrated using SAP landscape, Documentum repository and ESRI GIS solution.

The Solution

  • The solution was designed considering the current SAP ERP environment, newly installed SAP RCM module, ESRI GIS solution, EMC Documentum.
  • The solution included converting all the backlog and forming a standardized format for the digital version of all the records. A complete physical scanning solution was put in place for converting 100 of thousands of physical records and populated in EMC Documentum.
  • ESRI GIS solution was used to map the satellite based imagery of the land records.
  • All these components were integrated using SAP process integration (PI) to link the records.
  • Huge customization was required which was implemented using ABAP and .NET programming languages to build SAP and Documentum objects.

The Result

  • Thousands of hours were saved which were previously spent on finding and verifying the records.
  • Searching the record took a fraction of a second which used to take days sometimes to find a record.
  • Land related processes became so efficient that customer interaction cycle time reduced significantly resulting in very high customer satisfaction.
  • The rate of error also decreased significantly which was higher before because of the manual processes.
  • Data quality increased significantly as all the records were digitized and there was no duplication of data entry.