Customer success story

Dehlawi Optical – SAP ECC 6.0, IS-Retail, SAP

lens manufacturers
Saudi Arabia
SAP Integration

Technologies Involved


IBM cloud



Fiori Apps with O-Data Implementation Project Saudi Arabia

Proposal Ready Project Summary

  • Dehlawi Optical Pvt Ltd. are leading lens manufacturers in the Saudi Arabia. They also have large variety for ready made lens for their customers. They decided to implement SAP ECC 6.0 along with IS- Retail as part of their business expansion strategy
  • They are authorized distributors and manufacturing partners of world-renowned  German Zeiss lens manufacturing company
  • They have 3 company codes in 3 different countries and  14 Distribution centers all over the kingdom
  • Migration of SAP Servers from Mobily data center to IBM cloud 

Project objectives and scope

  • 3 company codes in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Pakistan
  • 14 distribution centers in Saudi Arabia 3 in Jordan and 2 in Pakistan.
  • SAP ECC 6.0, IS Retail & SAP Customized Fiori Transactional Apps with O-Data functionality
  • Integration of German Lens designing software integration with SAP ECC 6.0

Business Issue

  • Low documentation of business Processes 
  • No SAP  IS- Solution available for the Optical business processes 
  • User resistance of SAP APO & DIMP solution against the IS-Cable Solution
  • Management of User Adoption from Inhouse legacy system to SAP Standard system
  • Huge number of Sales order
  • Tailor made Lens manufacturing for make to order  scenario based on Doctors Prescription
  • Complex structure for the identification of Ready-made lenses for Stock Sales
  • Direct Sale order printing in the manufacturing area for prescription lenses

Value Delivered/Estimated Benefits

  • Used Variant configuration for the Make to order Doctor’s prescription-based customer orders 
  • IS-Retail merchandising solution is used to define the hierarchy of the Ready-made lenses for the stock sales business line
  • UI-5 SAP Fiori Customized transactional Apps used along with O-DATA to facilitate user experience and manage change impact  
  • Unique combination of Process industry discrete manufacturing with IS –Retail was prototype, tested and successfully implemented 
  • Seamless integration between Lens designing software and SAP ECC 6.0 Solution by using XIPI integration engine
  • Hybrid solution implemented DEV & QA Servers are on premise however, Production server is hosted at the IBM cloud by using IBM-softlayer software to facilitate the different demographic distribution centers