SAP Named as a Leader in Enterprise BI

In Forrester’s 72-criteria evaluation of enterprise business intelligence (BI) platform vendors, they identified the 11 most significant software providers — Actuate, IBM, Information Builders, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Oracle, QlikTech, SAP, SAS, Tableau Software, and Tibco Software — in the category and researched, analyzed, and scored them. The report provides the details of their findings about how well each vendor fulfills the criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help application development and delivery professionals select the right partner for their enterprise BI platforms.

Key takeaways

Best-Of-Breed Versus Suite Is No Longer A Major BI Platform Selection Criterion
Firms no longer have to make a choice between less expensive, ERP-embedded, but often inferior BI tools and a best-of-breed BI platform from an independent vendor — a common conundrum in the past decade. In the modern world, BI platforms can be embedded into a broader enterprise software suite and still be open and best of breed.

Factors Other Than BI Functionality Often Lead BI Platform Selection Choices
As BI functionality becomes commoditized, buyers need to look for differentiation elsewhere in these platforms. It’s not just about tool functionality; tight integration with enterprise ERP, ETL, portal, and desktop office applications can often break the tie when selecting a strategic enterprise BI platform.

A Single Enterprise BI Platform May Be A Vision But Is Seldom A Practical Reality
Having 10 different BI platforms may be overkill, but trying to standardize on a single platform brings diminishing returns. Large organizations will likely settle on at least three platforms: a broad, scalable enterprise suite; BI embedded in ERP, CRM, and financial software packages; and lightweight desktop self-service tools for business users.

Read Full Report:
The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2013
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