Why Yii is one of the best PHP framework

Open source community consistently surprises individuals with new technologies and new frameworks that assist in developing applications quicker and with lesser complications. The Yii is one such open source, object oriented and component based MVC PHP web application framework. It is an acronym for “yes, it is”. The past history of Yii is appealing. This project was an alternating solution to the troubles of PRADO framework. Yet unlike PRADO, Yii was reliable effective and had controls that were very easy to tailor and use. For this reason, after improvisations the Yii was introduced in 2006 with an alpha version. Currently the Yii 2.0 version is running effectively on the market. Below are few needs to decide on the Yii framework to design experienced web application for real time circumstances.

Easy instalation

Yii is developer pleasant as it takes very much less time to obtain mounted. The arrangement time and pre setup sequence are really much less time consuming. Also the main installment is led and uncomplicated. One has to set up the Yii according to the documentation and possibly after a reboot your Yii is ready for use. If there are any type of issues while installation like abrupt termination, the log records all the installation activities so that one could debug the source

Cutting-edge technology

Yii is powered by contemporary technologies like OOP and MVC. Also it consists of some sophisticated PHP features, like late binding, SPL user interfaces, anonymous namespaces and features, and so on. Every class comes from a namespace and therefore consisting of an assistant class is simple and simple. The full framework is set up with composer tool.

Scalable component design

The Yii includes extensible elements that can be easily customized to match one’s requirements. Every element is extensible as there is an expansion database that contain user created elements which can be fit easily into the framework. The Yii is one such expansion which can be utilized to develop widgets like grids and JQuery UI.

Test framework integration

The Yii is integrated with the suitable PHP testing framework called codeception. This develops basic yet efficient device, useful and acceptance examinations for any application. In this manner the developer just has to write the test capability and need not spend time on developing new test classes or user interfaces from square one.

Better documentation

Yii framework features outstanding documentation which is formally delivered in addition to the product. It quick guides the user detailed with tutorials. There are samples for application development like developing a blog site or adding style to a blog site, and so on. On top of that, there is a thorough summary of every Class reference collection that consists of code bits, a list of the qualities of the class, its approaches, its events and its apartments. Given that this is an open source platform, user created documentation is also offered for Yii.

Fast Coding 

Code generation is simple with Yii. It personalizes your application to match your demands. This is achieved using the Gii tool that does web based code scaffolding and aids to produce quick codes. The GII tool helps to create layouts for models, controllers, kinds, components, expansions and save them for additional use. This conserves a bunch of time and phrase structure errors in the future.

Increase performance by tuning

Yii assists terrific techniques for adjusting the performance of a web application. It supports split caching that enhances the speed of the application. Its extensible cache part provides one the liberty to pick the cache element, while running an API user interface. One can also pick a number of cache components at the same time.

Reliable log generation

If error handling is essential for a web development tool, also log generation is similarly crucial. The log lists where the error happened and this helps developers to map and fix the issue quickly. Yii’s logging support is extremely fitting, extensible and flexible. In Yii one could set log levels and identify the log messages in either of the containers. There is a variety requirement with Yii with whose assist the log messages, text files, and even image can be routed to different deployment systems like customer’s web browser window.

Background theming

A web page development framework is incomplete without background theming toolboxes. Yii also has a superb theming support that makes the websites appearance gorgeous and attractive. Each motif data in Yii has its very own layout,. css and JSP data. If the motif has to include icons or bitmaps, after that these resources are also kept in the folder representing every motif. Each style has a name and the same is the name of the resource folder for very easy accessibility.

Superior error logging

Mistake handling is a vital part of web application design. If any call neglects internally, the framework has to have a correct error dealing with mechanism to record the mistake and classify it into a defined type. Yii has a fantastic error handling mechanism that is based on PHP5 extensions. Whenever a PHP caution or unidentified exception takes place while running the application, one of the many mistake users catch the mistake and reports the exact same together with freeing memory and terminating the application beautifully.

No copyright infringement

Unlike some toolkits, this version of Yii 2.0 that is compatible to PHP 5.4 or above is accredited under the new BSD License, under clause-3 which mentions that people can use this tool to develop an open resource educational project or proprietary web application. One can therefore conveniently use the YII collections in their code without any copyright problems. Also the documentation and logo is authorized under matching authorities to stay clear of future problem.

These are a few of the reasons the Yii framework is a great option for you to set up and develop fast and reliable web application.

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