Why Software/application’s Maintenance is important

A healthy software application is a property or an asset that will benefit your organization for several years ahead– an unhealthy one, on the other hand, will be a burden for you and your group and you will have to re-build it again and again.

Why application wellness is very important
An application’s health is important for multiple reasons, few of these are mentioned below:


App/Software is an Asset

Not just like the famous saying “our people are our most important asset”, but a real asset is something that actually helps your company produce even more money. Something that your company can market proudly to someone else.
For some companies, their software could also be an asset that makes them one-of-a-kind as well as stand apart from their competitors.


Spend wisely for Software/App Maintenance

When you have an asset that is functional and performing well, you wish to enhance its cash inflows for as long as feasible. Few owners can keep it functioning forever however, most of them don’t and they keep bearing ongoing costs, others become obsolete and also need to be terminated.

App/software can be different in genre. Software’s continuous expenses can be controlled or reduced based upon what you are getting in return. Once developed or may be in development phase, many of these software and apps can be managed in a little operating budget for servers as well as low budget required for its maintenance.

Contrary to that their are some machines that need millions invested in maintenance yearly to continue working. That much budget allocated for its maintenance or update is unhealthy for company and these types of software applications are needless.


Troubled applications can reduce ROI

On the other hand, if you do not have a healthy and balanced software or application, your prices are going to be much greater. A troubled or wrongly developed software application can digest your cash faster than any other hungry or thirsty system.

With these apps and software, you’re fighting 2 types of battles: one to update your application, and one to clean the application from past defects or issues. A healthy application right from the start demands less repairing and reworks, as well as its your assets. An unhealthy one will require a lot of rework and repairs– sometimes it become scrap during the reworks or repairs.



A software application needs maintenance and repairs to keep working, similar to any other asset in the company. Nonetheless, it can also be optimized for higher return. If you think to improve the return on your investment on app/software, you need to make sure that your application is working properly, and will work the same way. Make sure the application’s life is as long as feasible and you are not losing the current profits.

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