Why Measuring the Complexity of Your Software is Important?

Exactly how complex is your software? Exactly what are the leading 1 % most complex subroutines in your system? Exactly how commonly do you keep them? Why?

Exactly how do you get responses to these concerns? Initially, exactly how would you benefit if you understood?

  • You can attain more predictability in handling software tasks if you understand the level of complexity of the code being kept.
  • You can reduce the danger of presenting flaws into manufacturing if you prepare for and manage software complexity.
  • You can reduce software maintenance expenses if you proactively keep your software from ending up being exceedingly or needlessly complex.
  • You can maintain the value of your software possession and extend its helpful life time if you keep it from ending up being exceedingly complex.
  • You can approximate when it is much better to reword code than to keep preserving it.


Why the Complexity is Important?

Maintenance developers, particularly in the System world, are under significant pressure to keep software that frequently has actually experienced 20 years or even more of complexity congesting advancement. And regularly they are handling code they did not compose, which they need to check out, comprehend and customize, both rapidly and securely.

Determining Complexity

You cannot manage exactly what you can not measure, so the first thing to take a look at it is the best ways to measure software complexity. There have actually been numerous approaches established for determining complexity and numerous of them are language independent and can be adjusted to heritage System i code, such as RPG.

The basis of all these metrics depends on the ability and constraints of the human mind to participate in symbolic processing. For discovering and controling software that is to be kept, cognitive researchers first break down designers’ psychological procedures into a number of extremely high level jobs: comprehend a program’s control flow, and comprehend a program’s information flow.

Can we take a look at a program’s source code and make a determination of exactly how difficult it will be for a designer to comprehend its control flow or information flow?

There are certainly some concept based metrics that have actually been created for this:.

Cyclomatic Complexity is a size of the amount of control flow exists in a program. In RPG, control flow is stood for by such operation codes as IF, DO, SELECT, and so on. All of us understand that a program with even more conditional reasoning is harder to comprehend, and this metric offers us an evaluation of that.

Halstead Volume is a dimension that tries to measure just how much “information” is in the source code, and therefore should be found out– this partly associates with information flow. It takes a look at the number of variables are utilized, and exactly how typically they are made use of. It does the exact same for functions and operation codes, as those are extra pieces of information of designer should find out. In other words, it is a dimension of information “volume”.

Maintainability Index is a dimension that tries to develop a total rating of exactly how maintainable a program is. It has a more empirical basis and was established over a duration of years by specialists dealing with Hewlett-Packard and the useful experience of their software groups. It uses the above 2 sizes along with variety of lines of source and variety of lines of remarks.

Helpful are more down to earth dimensions that relate even more particularly to the System i. Examples of these are matters of numerous aspects such as the number source lines, files, screens, copy books, and so on made use of by a program. These sorts of ideas serve for determining unique case programs with high varieties of such aspects.

How do you deal with complexity?

  1. Break up the problem into sub-problems and sub-tasks so you don’t have to solve everything at the same time.
  2. Contain the complexity to one part of the code.
  3. Before you solve the complex issue take a step back and make sure you have to solve it that way. There might be a vastly simpler problem that you can solve that will still fulfill your requirements.

Tackle software complexity before it defeats your software project.


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