Why Leasing a PHP Developer’s team is better than hiring one?

Professional PHP programmers working for a PHP web development company leverage one of the languages that are most commonly used for web development. It is crucial while creating dynamic websites and interacting with information on the Internet. PHP applications are server-side, which means that generally PHP runs on a server accepting PHP code and generates a web page according to a request at input. Our professional PHP programmers can easily embed PHP into any part of your HTML code. There’s no real substitute for professional PHP programming so make sure your PHP developer’s resumes are extensive.

If you are running a small software house, you’re likely be answering customer calls, developing and designing software & applications, managing social media, developing blog content and much more. If you are managing a growing software house, you may not have access to more experienced and highly qualified php developers due to budget constraints. In both cases, you are left with lesser time for strategic level tasks associated with business growth. If these scenarios sound familiar, it may be the time to lease a virtual team.


Why Leasing, Not Hiring

As a startup you don’t have time to hire and train the resource internally, same is the case with established software houses that don’t allocate budget for training purposes. It is definitely costly and time consuming phenomenon to develop a skillful PHP developer inside. You can induce expertise from day one in the project compared to hiring and grooming knowledge with considerable investment.

You can hire a PHP developer for fast paced application development. Leasing team of experts cuts short your application development time and also reduces the costs. Interestingly, you can find project coordinators either working from your office location or your city that can take responsibility of project coordination with the ‘Virtual Team’. It is definitely cost effective, time saving and convenient to adopt method of getting things done.


Challenges Addressed

Going through some important development performance aspects of software houses and IT companies, there are some unique challenges that need to be addressed here. Most of the software houses face these challenges while operating PHP developers in-house. Few of them are given below:


Hiring & Training New Developers

Usually there is high turnover in the software houses offering less salaries to PHP developers so if you want to minimize the cost, you can never reduce the salaries. You have to bear extra salaries while you can manage it in less cost by getting permanent virtual employee.

Hiring and training a new developer is costly, so avoid being trapped in high cost and get the maximum benefits of virtual teams by hiring one. PHP developer on lease can be beneficial for you in term of expertise and availability in your non working hours as well.

High Overhead

You have to pay for office space and parking for employees that adds overhead for your office expense. Even if you provide money for an employee to set up a home office, the cost remains significantly lower than renting a regular office. So better using a virtual PHP developer on permanent basis with a long term commitment can decrease the overhead cost. PHP developers require a better environment and workstations for development purposes that proves it more costly as compare to other in-house employees.

Required Skills Not Available

You should hire for the skills you need, not just what’s locally available. If you need to hire more experienced PHP developer, but those with families and houses that don’t want to relocate from their current locations are not available to you.

Virtual teams solve this problem by providing you the world’s best PHP developers for that job without any search or training. You can have a combination of the skills and experience of their particular fields.

Limited Diversification

The team of the PHP developers located in different states or countries increase the diversity of your team. Diversity gives you multiple points-of-view, helping you to see the problems you are tackling holistically. So you can add diversification in ideas, personnels and problem solving.



A virtual team of PHP developers work for your company, like an in-house employee, with one primary difference that it may be within our city or working from an office halfway around the globe. Companies have now started to embrace the concept that it is the most convenient option they can adopt.  Thanks to improved technology, you gain the benefits of global talent with the control and collaboration opportunities as you hardly ever feel the distance.

VizTeams has local offices in USA and Canada and offshore offices in UK and South East Asia. We have a history of serving the software industry by providing all kinds of experts on lease on temporary and permanent bases.  Feel free to contact us for any consultations or hiring a PHP developer for your company.


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