Why Drupal is one of the best Content Management Systems?

Drupal is a free open-source web development platform for web content. Drupal powers many popular websites online, and can be adjusted to essentially any visual design. It is extremely considereded among the very best website structures offered and is quickly acquiring adoption all over the world.

Drupal is a content management system providing much shorter time to market, empowerment of end users to do personalizations that typically needs software engineering, sustainability and lower overall expense of ownership. It is made use of as a back-end structure for a minimum of 2.1 % of all sites around the world varying from individual blog sites to business, political, and government websites.


Why use Drupal for a CMS website?

Drupal can be an exceptional selection as a foundation for your website. How can Drupal assist your company?

Drupal shares with many CMSs some conventional advantages of making use of a CMS to support a website. There are even greater benefits of choosing Drupal as the CMS to power your site, as follows:

Open Source — Drupal is based on Open Source innovation enabling anybody to download the core source code with no license charges– according to the terms of the GNU General Purpose License variation 2. Rather than depending on exclusive software suppliers, utilizing Drupal will indicate that a big area of designers can offer support for your internet site.

Large Active Community — Drupal’s neighborhood of designers is strong and engaged. In a current Marketshare report, Drupal designers are trending dramatically greater, with as much as 36 % boost in advertisements over 2010. Contributed modules (from social media and information visualization to geographical details systems), extend the functionality of Drupal to assist fulfill particular requirements past Drupal core (base functions of the system).

Scalability — Some of the greatest, most noticeable, and highest-trafficked websites worldwide worked on Drupal, consisting of travel.cnn.com, WhiteHouse. gov, Harvard.edu and 71 of the leading 100 colleges. Whether you run a small company, an online publication, a college internet site, an online buying website, or a government firm, Drupal can be scaled to satisfy the needs of the busiest internet sites. Since it is durable, this CMS is much better fit for enterprise level sites. Additionally, Drupal’s architecture allows designers to quickly extend its functionality without rewrites to the core. Contending CMS systems are not as versatile in this method. In this means Drupal works well for internet applications (informatics or Geographic based applications and workflow-based).

Secure — With such a huge support base, Drupal is continuously being kept track of for protection concerns. With a specialized safety group, together with its huge development and administrator neighborhood, the Drupal neighborhood produces patches and updates had to keep your website protected – typically prior to they’re made use of. Likewise with its powerful user authentication, gain access to control and permission system, Drupal ensures you control, adaptability, and assurance had to run an effective site. This is why it is the most trusted CMS to run government internet sites worldwide.

Convenience of use — Drupal enables every-day individuals to include and upgrade websites without technical support. Drupal can be personalized to fit your demands and make sure that it fits your company’s operations. With its institutive administrating user interface, carrying out jobs such as modifying components, releasing pages and including media such as images and videos is simpler than making grain.

Multilingual Support — Pages can quickly be set up for various languages– this is specifically beneficial in a worldwide development or international health application. Admins can designate page(s) to be related to a language pair (or trio) then include a variation of that page in an additional language.

Flexibility — There’s definitely a contortionist in the Drupal circus. From creating simple gallery sites to enterprise solutions for fortune 500 companies, Drupal is flexible. This means that if you start with a simple site, but decide to add features, complexity, or other sites later on, Drupal can keep up. It twists and bends and braces itself to perform for you. And it makes it look so easy!

Taxonomy — Drupal has a powerful category system (taxonomy) that allows you to organize and tag content. Each group of categories can be limited to certain content types. You have the same capability as something like WordPress to tag freely, but you can also customize tagging options by those content types.

E-commerce Development — With Drupal Commerce you can build an exceptional marketplace. Its range of plugins create a fully functional online store, subscription based system, donation framework for your nonprofit, and any other form of monetization that you think of!

Gallery Development — Drupal has a robust file system that handles images. You can upload an image once, and it can be setup to display the image with several different dimensions.  You can automatically re-size images, apply watermarks, or apply diverse image styles.


Who else uses Drupal?

Here are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of websites that use the Drupal content management platform:

The White Housewww.whitehouse.gov
The Economistwww.economist.com
The UN’s World Food Programme www.wfp.org
The French government www.gouvernement.fr
Monty Pythonwww.pythonline.com
Eric Claptonwww.ericclapton.com
Reuters news agency labswww.labs.reuters.com
French DIY merchant Brico Depotwww.bricodepot.fr
AT&T beta apps websitehttp://appsbeta.wireless.att.com
The King of Belgiumwww.monarchie.be
Lucas Films’ Star Wars sitewww.swtor.com
The British Governmentwww.direct.gov.uk
Rutgers Universitywww.rutgers.edu
Stanford University’s Humanities Centerhttp://shc.stanford.edu (Stanford has over 50 Drupal websites)
Harvard University’s Science and Engineering departmentwww.harvardscience.harvard.edu
Human Rights Watchwww.hrw.org
Sony Ericsson Labshttp://labs.sonyericsson.com
Google’s Measurement Labwww.measurementlab.net



Whether you run a little business, an online publication, a college site, an online buying website, or a government agency, Drupal can be scaled to satisfy the needs of any size of website traffic. Drupal’s architecture allows designers to quickly extend its functionality without changing its core.


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