What to Ask When Hiring a Web Application Development Company

Essential Questions to Remember and Pitfalls to Prevent

When it pertains to coding a web application, quality is of the upmost value.

Keep an eye out for sloppy developers

It is necessary to know that not all programmer understand ways to write code correctly … and not all developers follow the very same coding requirements and guidelines.

Some unskilled developers will certainly write sloppy and topsy-turvy code without any consideration for future development. This likewise makes it extremely hard for other developers to deal with the project.

In a lot of occupations when the customers’ wellness and rights are on the line, there are regulations in place and licenses required from a government company to permit a person or company to conduct business. Sadly, in the programming world, any person with some coding knowledge can start his/her development company or end up being an independent specialist without any necessary license.

In addition to sloppy coding practices, there are many off-shore web development companies and independent web designers who may not follow the alike reliable requirements that an US based business has to legally follow.

An excellent degree doesn’t constantly correspond to quality programming abilities

If somebody has a Masters degree, that does not indicate he/she is a fantastic programmer. Somebody can be book smart however does not know how to code appropriately. I have seen programmers with Bachelors and Masters degrees in programming that can not stay up to date with today’s new and intricate programming world.

Try to find clean, consistently written code

Two developers can accomplish the alike result, one writing 10 lines of code and one only 3 lines of code.

An SQL Question can be composed so poorly that after five concurrent data source connections, the SQL server software application or server’s CPU can come to a halt. An excellent data source programmer can write an SQL Inquiry that produces the very same SQL result and the server can manage 100 simultaneous database connections without any server problems.

It is true that there is always going to be a learning curve for one programmer to study and become familiar with another programmer’s code, but if the code is clean and consistent, comments are used and some basic coding guidelines and structure are in area, there should not be any concerns for another knowledgeable programmer to be able to jump in and edit and extend a well built and structured web application.

Does the development company follow coding requirements and make use of a framework?

Web Application Frameworks are a organizational coding system which enables programmers and designers to quickly deal with the very same project. This organized system makes use of recyclable libraries, elements and tools to promote better code maintainability and future growth.

For instance, here at Comentum, we utilize an organized web application framework and stated coding requirements that every programmer on our group follows. This indicates that all of our programmers can easily comprehend and follow each other’s code. It is so smooth that an employee would not know which programmer has composed a function, since we all follow the same coding standards and requirements. Anytime we add a programmer, he/she can jump in and start editing or upgrading another programmer’s codes quickly.

What are good questions that you should ask a potential web development company?

  • Will I have the ownership of the final program code?
  • Can I take the final program code to another development company for future edits and expansion?
  • Does the code had correct paperwork to enable migration and scalability?
  • Would there be a copyright problem, such as code that was copywritten by someone else?
  • Are there comments made use of in the code that would offer ease of migration and readability by another designer?
  • Exist coding standards and conventions in place?
  • If yes, ask to see the coding standards and conventions documents.
  • Do they make use of a structured and web application framework?
  • If yes, ask for added info on program libraries, devices and the kind of framework made use of. Ask to see a sample of the project’s folder structure with programming files in it. This ought to demonstrate how organized and useful their programming would be to other programmers. See to it that the file structure matches a live task. You don’t wish to look at a phony file and folder structure.
  • Do they use MVC Architecture? This helps programmers and designers to work side by side on a job (designers do not require programming expertise when utilizing MVC architecture).
  • What sort of quality assurance testing is in location and what methods are being utilized to do bug screening and fixing?
  • What type of security testing and techniques are being made use of to discover and fix susceptabilities?
  • What type of tension screening and approaches are being made use of to examine the website’s scalability and tolerance for huge traffic development?


The above concerns are just a couple of crucial considerations when working with a good development company.

Since many of these questions are really technical, it may be a great idea to employ an independent consultant to assess and ask these concerns for you, and examine any responses and supporting files offered by the developer.

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