What Does Your Business Need? Software Engineer or IT Consultant?

Are these two even different? When you’re in business of providing IT services, recruiting software engineers to work from your company, or attempting to employ contract software engineers, then you will no doubt be confronted with this question at some time.

Employ the software engineer that’s right for you. There are numerous viewed differences between software engineers and IT consultants. The truth is, there’s truly no unbiased answer to which one is better and even how they differ. Therefore we can not and won’t try to choose this for you in a single article.

What we can do is provide a list of questions that should be at the leading edge of your mind when making this choice, and eventually will help you make the best decision for your job or business. Assume that a software engineer is somebody who composes code for a living and an IT consultant (who may also write code for a living) works for a getting in touch with company.

Here we go!

Question 1: What Communication Skills Are Essential To You?

Whether you’re recruiting someone for your company, just hiring a capable engineer to fill a seat, or employing someone to deliver a total option– consider what sort of communication skills are very important in the day-to-day task. Ask yourself:.

  • Do I expect the person to compose well?
  • Do they have to speak well?
  • Is the quality of the code they write more important than anything else?
  • Will they be anticipated to connect directly with my customers or clients?
  • Does this dictate their manual labor area?

You can discover software engineers and IT consultants that do all of these things well or only some of them well, however it’s good to have a concept in your head of exactly what you’re trying to find ahead of time.

Question 2: Do You Expect A Leader?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Will this person work as part of a supervised team or will they be expected to lead a development group?
  • Is this for a brand-new or existing project?
  • Does this person have prior leadership experience and have they delivered code jobs from scratch?

Many individuals have great deals of experience, are wonderful at their jobs, but have no desire to lead. Others have the inspiration needed to lead development teams while maintaining obligation for delivering their own work. A genuinely determined leader might not necessarily have previous leadership experience. A future leader doesn’t think twice to take ownership of circumstances when provided the chance. Know exactly what you’re looking for.

Question 3: How Important is Technical Innovation To You As Well As Your Organization?

Are you looking for someone that will challenge your way of thinking and recommend new solutions? This might not sound so important, but it can be the distinction between someone carrying out an outdated heritage framework due to the fact that “it’s exactly what they and the group are made use of to”, and somebody researching, discovering, recommending, and implementing a brand-new technology or engineering practice that enhances things on the task. Also consider the workplace within your organization. Exists currently a set of stiff architecture requirements and procedures, or do engineers have some leeway to provide recommendations for improvement and try new innovations?

Question 4: How Important Is Company Brand Name And Reputation To You?

When recruiting somebody to work for your company, do you expect them to represent your organization to others, or is your major objective to meet a staffing requirement? Bear in mind there’s lots of methods for people to represent your organization– they could be believed leaders, bring varied technical experience, or prosper at communication. Similarly if I’m employing a company to provide technical staff, am I asking that company to provide engineers to supplement an existing group, or am I asking that company to supply the whole group and create an option? Am I going to pay a premium for that option if I cannot do it better in-house?

Still uncertain what route to take? Do not hesitate to send us a note with your questions or ideas!

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