Ways to Find a Lead Developer for Your Startup

Working with a lead developer for your start-up is a ‘make-it-or-break-it-moment.’ This is the person whose innovative vision and technical expertise will figure out the success of your item. This is the leader who will assist the engineers you hire down the line, accessing each of their strengths to maximize potential for innovation. And this is the person who will identify, through capability and ambition, whether your product is a standout or simply another little noise in a tech scene packed with loud voices.

But you probably currently understand that. You’re most likely wondering exactly how you’ll ever find the right person to act as your start-up’s lead developer, when the individual who excels in interviews and jumps out on paper might not necessarily measure up to your expectations.

Those are some valid concerns, and we understand why you’re holding back from administering the offer. We’re right here to supply you with essential ideas for employing your top technical skill, to ensure you hire the best visionary to lead your fantastic concept to technical perfection.

1. Look Where They Hang Out

If you were searching for terrific athletic talent, you would go to a batting cage, a gym or a track. If you wish to meet a dazzling developer, have a look at a local conference for developers.

You discover the ideal types of people from going to meetups, where those people might be hanging out. Setting meetups are wonderful for discovering the people with the best experience.

2. Avoid Quiet Geeks

While you must never ever undervalue a true geek’s imagination, you want your lead developer to be a leader. Somebody who’s not a wonderful communicator truly should not be thought about.

You need to try to find the ability to speak to human beings, stressing the potential of designers who teach and compose. You need to consider the people who you’ve heard discuss programming and whose writing has influenced you.

Educators, people who are instructing courses on Skillshare, make fantastic mentors and leaders. I like to search for people who can articulate their ideas in writing. You should believe, ‘Whose blog do I like reading?’.

3. Seek Technical Experience and Expertise

Though it must seem like a no-brainer, all of the hiring experts we talked with highlighted the requirement for dazzling technical qualifications.

The first thing you must look for are first-class technical skills backed by the best experience. You need to put unique emphasis on solid leadership skills, because in order for you to scale successfully, the lead has to encourage their developers to go well over and beyond the regular call of duty. In real developer fashion, leads will only be appreciated if they show that they’re technical professionals.”.

Your perfect prospects have to be committed to delivering the best possible customer experience, value software engineering practices and never ignore scalability and reusability when making code. However tech knowledge doesn’t assure an understanding of the Internet.

4. Look Beyond the Usual Suspects

The right lead developer for your start-up could not be someone who’s presently seeking a job, so look beyond job boards and applications submitted.

The ideal developer could not know they’re in the marketplace for another job. There are a lot of wonderful shows newsletters that feature sponsored positions, and they’re checked out by developers who aren’t trying to find jobs.

In addition to going to Meetups where fantastic designers mingle with other terrific developers, you must make sure your listing is seen by engineers gladly employed or dealing with a project.

5. Guarantee a Cultural Fit

Working in a startup, there’s not room for a bunch of giant egos butting heads. There also isn’t really room for people not willing to be scrappy and pick up additional jobs that are beyond the agreed-upon job description. Look for engineers who like to discover and are team players. Search for non-divas because they are clever, but you should also focussed on leaders who are also grounded.

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