Value of a Project Manager for a software development team

In practice, project managers might or could not supply any value to the formulation group. Similar to other duty in an organization, the PM function is just as much a victim of organizational employing practices and the bell curve as other duty (such as “software developer”), and has precisely the same possibilities of being fulled of below par performers or clumsy time-servers.

Project managers can and ought to add value to any project. It simply isn’t automatic simply due to the fact that somebody is using the PM hat.

How Project Management Can Add Value to Software Teams

Project management is, from one viewpoint, the management of process and expectations. Although Scrum does not utilize the title of Project Manager, it is definitely everything about project management, and offers an illustrative example of the value that such management supplies to software application developers in the group when done properly.

In Scrum, the Scrum Master offers the following value to the group and to the company:

  • Interacts the Scrum framework requirements and connected processes throughout the company.
  • Work as a process referee.
  • In cooperation with the product owner, the Scrum Master safeguards the team from outside interference and scope creep.
  • Assists in communication between the group and stakeholders.
  • In cooperation with the Scrum Team, the Scrum Master makes sure that Sprint and project status are both transparent to the rest of the company.
  • Coaches the development team in the direction of self-organizing habits.
  • Ensures that work is made visible to the group and to the remainder of the company.
  • When the team identifies process impediments, the Scrum Master utilizes all offered organizational devices to communicate the impediments to the organization, and reduces them whenever possible.
  • In practice, the Scrum Master is often the repository of numerous framework artifacts such as the Sprint Backlog, as well as metrics such as burn-down charts. (Whether this is ideal is debatable, but it’s typically the case.).
  • The Scrum Master coordinates essential structure activities such as the daily stand-up, the Sprint Review, and the Sprint Retrospective.

In short, the Scrum Master duty is a making it possible for role. Whether your structure is nimble or standard, project management provides structure to the project.

Determine Why Project Management is a Hard Sell

If project management (as a framework) or a project manager (as a function) is a hard sell within your organization, then you have to unearth the reasons why this might be so. Has your group had bad experiences with specific people or structures in the past? Has your company discovered project management more of an obstacle than an asset?

Whatever the reason, until you completely understand the context, evangelizing a framework or function will be an exercise in futility. Project management is developed to resolve numerous business problems; see to it you understand what those business troubles in fact are (for both the company and the software development team) prior to you attempt to fix them prescriptively.
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