Top PHP Frameworks for 2015

As one of one of the most renowned web development platforms, PHP has been used widely by developers all around the world. The skill and knowledge of PHP programmers deserves a great amount of recognition. Every element of project development has been executed effectively using high-end PHP frameworks. Here are few exceptional PHP frameworks which have actually offered every PHP developer a structure for developing high-performing web applications.

So, let’s proceed with talking about everything regarding these PHP frameworks which will absolutely produce a wave in the PHP web development globe in the year 2015.

CakePHP 3.0

Considered as a modern framework for PHP development, CakePHP 3.0 comes packed with impressive attributes including boosted elements and helpers, boosted session management, enhanced consistency of conventions, ORM improvements and much more. CakePHP 3.0 features boosted modularity, enabling you to develop more standalone collections along with reducing combining. Plus, there are devices like PSR-0, PSR-1 and author which have actually aided in enhancing the interoperability.


Laravel is yet one more dazzling PHP Framework that’s furnished with tons of interesting functions consisting of RESTful routing, native PHP or light weight tempting engine and much more. Constructed utilizing numerous Symfony elements, Laravel supplies you web application an amazing foundation of dependable and well-tested code. A few other interesting functions of Laravel include: a powerful line up library, an amazing ORM, pain-free routing and a basic authentication.


Thought about as one of the fastest PHP Structures, Phalcon has actually been implemented as a C expansion paired with much lower resource consumption. Some of the outstanding attributes included within this PHP Framework are: translations, security, properties management, global auto-loader and much more. You could utilize Phalcon for developing complete MVC applications viz: single-module, multi-module and micro applications.

Symfony 2

Available in its version 2, Symfony is an outstanding PHP Framework for producing internet sites and web applications. It has actually been built on top of Symfony components such as Drupal, Ez Publish and phpBB. With over 300,000 programmers on-board, Symfony has seen over 1,000,000 downloads till date. There have been greater than 1000 code contributors for Symfony till day. Backed by a huge community of Symfony followers, it is thought that the framework will visit an entire new level in the honest years.


If you’re a web developer which’s in need of an easy and a stylish toolkit for developing feature-loaded and visualling impressive web applications, after that Codeigniter is the framework for you. Currently available in its version 2.2.1, Codeigniter comes with clear documentation. Other intriguing attributes of this PHP framework include: virtually zero configuration, no large-scale monolithic libraries, compatibility with common holding, no restrictive coding regulations, no demand for template language and much more.

Yii Framework

Considered as a quickly, secure, secure and high-performing PHP framework, Yii has functioned wonders for creating Web 2.0 applications. It gives the basis and advanced application installations based upon the project demand. Equipped with Model-View-Controller(MVC) design pattern, abundant feature split caching system, Duty based gain access to and authorization, Data source Accessibility Objects(DAO), Ajax-enabled widgets and a comprehensive files; Yii works as an ideal framework for creating enterprise web applications, social media sites applications, SaaS, PaaS and a whole lot more.


Aura is a PHP Framework that provides independent library bundles for PHP 5.4+. You might opt for using these package deals alone, in collaboration with another or as incorporated into a different full-stack framework. As the 2nd major version of Solar(a PHP framework), Aura has been reimagined and rewritten into the kind of a library collection with a reliance injection. Feeling has actually been particularly established to take advantage of the attributes offered in PHP 5.4+.


Thought about as one of one of the most popular PHP Frameworks for constructing strong doing web applications, Zend includes cryptographic and safe and secure coding devices which enable you to execute web app development jobs in a remarkable way. Some interesting attributes of Zend framework include: modularity, extensibility, enterprise prepared and a vibrant community.


Flight is an extensible micro-framework for PHP. It allows you to build Peaceful web applications in a fast and easy method. Appropriate with PHP version 5.3 and above, Trip can be mounted extremely conveniently.


FuelPHP is a basic and highly flexible MVC(Design View Control) framework specially created for PHP web programmers. Irrespective of whether you’re a seasoned PHP developer or an amateur; using FuelPHP framework can rely on be your best choice. PHPFuel sustains a router-based strategy. That means, you are directly browsed to a closure which handles input uri, providing the closure a complete control over any sort of more execution.

Summing Up

With these useful PHP frameworks, you can easily come up with web applications that are really amazing and able to impress the targeted audience. So, simply try these frameworks and you’ll soon be able to choose your favorite.



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