Top Business and Technology Trends for 2014

Businesses aiming to conquer existing market challenges can benefit by following the essential trends anticipated for 2014 according to UXC Eclipse.

A leading service provider of smart business options to the enterprise and mid-market, the business has actually provided some industry understandings as companies approach the New Year.

1. Risk mitigation continues to be vital

With continued worldwide financial unpredictability most likely to continue into 2014, companies should reduce the threats connected with huge jobs and software financial investments. Stakeholders are searching for security and assured job results.

“Business should require their application partner provides quality control for all tasks to alleviate the intrinsic dangers related to the software execution lifecycle,” states Anne Callaghan, COO, UXC Eclipse.

“Large-scale ERP applications are frequently business-critical so it is essential to do your due diligence prior to you begin, so that everything can run efficiently.

“It is similarly crucial to have senior exec sponsorship from the application partner.

“With an ERP application, you’re putting your business in the hands of an additional business, so you wish to make sure that they will provide the task. Having a direct line to management implies that any issue can constantly be attended to instantly.”.

Business must likewise know upcoming personal privacy law modifications, which enter force in March 2014.

Organisations will have to have the right treatments and safeguards in location when sharing customer information with various other entities. Business will need to properly manage and safeguard their information which of their consumers, considering that failure to do so could result in substantial fines.

“Organisations need to comprehend exactly how the cool personal privacy laws will influence their business,” Callaghan includes. “It’s essential to act now to be prepared for the modifications.”.

2. Platform and architecture change will accelerate

The selection of cloud or on-premise deployment is now offered for the majority of applications, from Microsoft Office to big Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options.

Cloud has actually become a wonderful means for companies to conserve cash, carry out more effectively and flexibly and bring items to market much faster. It will just grow in appeal as advantages end up being more extensively recorded.

“Companies need to select the right applications to match their functional demands and the approach of deployment,” states William Moore, Senior Executive– Enterprise Solutions and Services, UXC Eclipse.

“This platform, whether cloud, on-premise or a hybrid technique, have to then be integrated into business, which includes a cool layer of complexity.

“This kind of change can be exceptionally important to lower expenses and enhance versatility however it is necessary for business to plainly comprehend their business requirements and alternatives offered to select the right option.”.

3. Business intelligence goes real-time

Big and little companies remain to look for profit from information. Made use of efficiently, information can disclose numerous chances for companies to run better.

In 2014 companies will keep enhancing exactly how they communicate with information consisting of where and exactly how they can see the information, making certain it matters and utilizing it proactively to make educated business choices.

“Stakeholders and end users desire integrated, user-driven control panels that let them see the information they require at a glimpse,” states Mark Weimann, Senior Solutions Architect Manager, UXC Eclipse.

“Making clever, educated choices is more vital than ever in the present business environment.

“That’s just possible when the information you require is readily available in genuine time and is exact and thorough.”.

4. Mobility will end up being common

Movement is not a hot subject however a mature technology throughout many companies. It is anticipated to be perfectly integrated into business applications as part of the entire distribution experience for both clients and staff members.

“Many companies will be playing ‘catch up’ in 2014 to bring this end-user truth into their work-day application environment,” states William Moore, Senior Executive– Enterprise Solutions and Services, UXC Eclipse.

“Companies have actually mostly been concentrating on external audiences when it concerns movement however the internal facets will be progressively essential.

“BYOD (bring your own device) or CYOD (choose your own device) will end up being more common as business understand the advantages of making business applications readily available firmly on users’ own mobile gadgets.”.

5. Projects need to provide stakeholder value

Jobs need to provide recurring value to stakeholders to validate the expense and be thought about effective. Companies will progressively require evidence of value in 2014.

Due diligence at the beginning of an IT task will assist to examine the prospective return on financial investment.

“Delivering value to the stakeholders indicates understanding and settling on task deliverables from the beginning,” states Russell Gordon, Practice Director– Business Process Management, UXC Eclipse.

“Formally recording business procedures and having company-wide arrangement on those prior to a job starts is an effective means to make sure that the wanted value and results are comprehended and afterwards provided, specifically with ERP and CRM tasks.”.

6. ERP remains to relevant

As business complexity boosts, the demand for a reliable ERP system to tie all of it together and offer a single source of information likewise enhances. ERP will be extremely appropriate in 2014 and remain to progress to match business requirements.

“ERP is most likely to end up being more streamlined and much easier to make use of and gain access to,” states Mark Weimann, Senior Solutions Architect Manager, UXC Eclipse.

“User user interfaces will end up being more customized to user functions and user groups, while advanced analytics devices need to offer much better, much faster access to information.

“Specifically, even more predictive analytics will assist enhance the decision-making process.”

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