Tips on Hiring a Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

Nowadays the number and types of ruby on rails developers is continuously growing, however many of them can lack experience that is required. At this rate it is necessary to develop a strict and clear hiring strategy and practice, in order to find the very best prospect and make certain that this is the individual, who will carry out well and contribute considerably day-by-day.

Discovering a great specialist in any kind of technology is a complicated job. Java and.Net developers’ pool is very large and specifying the leading talent is challenging. Despite the fact that pool of ruby on rails developers is smaller sized, it still has many top quality professionals.

The main concepts and rules of successful hiring are:.

  • Look for Ruby groups in your location. Use Google, search them and see conferences;.
  • Become a sponsor or a speaker, in return your company will get mentions at meeting promotions and everybody’s attention also. As a result, it is more probable that your company’s name will enter your mind, when ruby developers will think of changing work areas;.
  • Going to meetings employers have the ability to get familiarized with RoR developers and make lists of their e-mails and phone numbers;.
  • Study prospects on the Internet (LinkedIn, WWR, etc.). Try to find individual blog sites, open source contributions or social network subscription;.
  • Ask for references. Examining references can take some time, however if you have a number of prospective candidates it can be a necessary investment;.
  • Do not constrain your search to a particular geographic location, since this will limit your pool of possible candidates. Extending search you enhance your opportunities to hire the top skills;.
  • Divide interview into numerous stages and test prospects. In this way employers get an opportunity to inspect prospects’ skills, approach and devices used;.
  • Most of the companies have on-the-job trial, this permits them to inspect not only technical skills, but also candidate’s interaction with team members and company’s work techniques;.
  • Work with ruby developers, who have knowledge and experience to carry out several various tasks for your company. Nowadays ruby developers can do most of their jobs in Rails, however likewise they can work with other technologies, such as JavaScript, Objective-C, Clojure and others;.
  • Make an offer. In general business search for balance in between skill and affordable income rate;.
  • Be creative and offer special compensation, so everyone wins.



Hiring isn’t that uncomfortable as people make it out to be. By talking to all the time and opening positions to seasoned developers unfamiliar with your stack, you need to have a much larger pool of people to choose from.

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