The Importance of an Integrated Healthcare System

Efforts to decrease damage to clients or to enhance quality of care typically concentrate on a single, regional intervention or a collection of neighborhood interventions, generally looking for to enhance a single care procedure. Many quality renovation efforts miss out on a bigger chance to enhance and revamp the material of healthcare. It appears that a systems-integration method that integrates the basic structure blocks of healthcare, from devices and technology to medical idea and operations procedures, is required to take the next significant leap in enhancing quality and security.


Directing Principles

Integrated Healthcare System is driven by dedication to offer quality healthcare in the areas they serve. Healthcare is an one-of-a-kind relationship in between those who get it and those who offer it– not just since it includes case of needs but rather likewise since the susceptability of the unwell gives remarkable obligation on caretakers. Integrated Healthcare System focuses this care relationship is based in moral and honest duty. This pursue the work directed by these concepts, constantly pursuing the perfects they symbolize:.

  • The relationship in between caretaker and care recipient should be maintained and secured.
  • All individuals should have access to required healthcare.
  • Care should be of the greatest possible quality.
  • Each person’s self-respect and worth is worthy of regard.
  • People are entitled to the details they should make enlightened choices.
  • Responsible way of living choices are a crucial specific obligation.
  • People ought to understand who is looking after them and how policy choices are made.
  • Healthcare is a regional issue and is finest regulated at the area level.
  • The obligation encompasses society at huge.


Noteworthy System Initiatives

Integrated Healthcare System works carefully with member companies to determine successes and make concepts and resources offered to all members. Below are some noteworthy system efforts:

Medical Improvement Registry / Nurse Care Management

The Clinical Improvement Registry was produced in an effort to deal with the high expense of persistent ailment while boosting patient quality of life. The CIR enables caretakers to track health info for clients with persistent diseases such as diabetic issues, asthma and heart attack. When a client is recognized as high-risk, the client is described a care manager for individualized academic training and support.

Health Index Initiative

The Health Index Initiative is a methodical method to determining general performance of Integrated Healthcare System efforts. Improvements in health condition of the neighborhoods served are kept track of and assessed; the expense and quality of and access to care offered by the companies are likewise evaluated. The Health Index Initiative tracks development on 6 vital health signs: kid immunization rates, tobacco use, occurrence of excessive weight, avoidable hospitalizations, cardiac death and cancer cells death.

Medical Integration Programs

Integrated Healthcare System takes a management function in establishing programs to enhance persistent disease care with its medical integration programs. Medical integration is an effort to attain a worked with system of scientifically proper and economical care.  In the medical integration model:

  • Care is offered in a worked with method throughout the continuum of care.
  • Care takes place in the most suitable setup.
  • Care includes caretakers from all disciplines.
  • Care supports a collective practice amongst clinicians.
  • Care enhances area health condition.

Quality and Safety

The Center for Quality and Safety offers systemwide instructions in the recognition, prioritization, application, dimension and interaction of quality and security efforts. CQS serves system members and medical integration programs, with a concentrate on information management, analysis and reporting; academic training and appointment on renovation science and methods; program examination to aid with design and application of techniques to examine the efficiency and value of programs; and accreditation and regulative support relating to quality and client security tasks and

Management Services

Integrated Healthcare System members have access to a variety of functional and management services that assist members provide quality care and keep expenses down

Contracting services: Integrated Healthcare System works with behalf of its members to compose “single trademark” agreements, easing members of the demand to work out agreements by themselves– and members could understand much better terms than they might work out as a single entity.
Credit score: Integrated Healthcare System favorable credit score can be useful for members working out loan rates.
Information services: Integrated Healthcare System provides direct support to systemwide information projects such as the Shared Health Record. This investment provides a significant opportunity for members to improve patient care – an opportunity that would not be available to many of our smaller members without the benefit of a large system.
 Health insurance: Integrated Healthcare System’s large pool of employees helps keep employee healthcare costs down – an especially big advantage for members with few employees.
Legal services: Our legal services include “one signature” contracts that cover all our member organizations.
Audit and compliance: The Integrated Healthcare System audit and compliance team helps members prepare for audits and conform to regulatory requirements faced by healthcare organizations.
Government relations: Integrated Healthcare System’s government relations division advocates for policies that best promote the health of the people of Maine.
Marketing and communications: The Integrated Healthcare System marketing department develops marketing plans; preserves brand standards; and creates systemwide materials, including the annual community benefit report, community health impact series and advertising campaigns.
Market research: Many hospitals, especially smaller organizations, would be unable to conduct large-scale, regular market research without the benefit of several hospitals pitching in to bring the costs within reach.
Supply chain services: Integrated Healthcare System’s supply chain team helps keep the cost of goods and services down for our member organizations.
Professional services: from other members For example, Synernet provides outsourced administrative services that help save
money and employees’ time, improve quality, and allow organizations to redeploy resources to core care activities.
Strategic planning: Integrated Healthcare System provides its members with in-depth strategic planning services to help each member organization meet its longterm planning goals.
Best-practice sharing:  Our boards and management teams benefit from sharing advice and best practices across the system.
Meeting challenges together: The depth of the system allows Integrated Healthcare System members to meet challenges – such as healthcare reform and the transition to an accountable care model – as a highly competent and experienced team.



Repairing a fractured health care system and eliminating gaps in shared information and communication that detract dramatically from patient safety and quality in health care are two goals of integrated health care.

Integrated health care starts with good primary care and refers to the delivery of comprehensive health care services that are well coordinated with good communication among providers.  Patients are informed and involved in their treatment.   Care is high quality and cost effective.  Essential to integrated health care delivery is a high-performing primary care provider who can manage the delivery of seamless, well-coordinated care and serve as the patient’s medical home.


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