Startups Guide: Best Strategy to setup Social Media Marketing

Are you using social media to promote your startup? Would you like some tips on how to get your startup setup on social media properly?

In the 21st century world where people can quickly connect with each other online from another world, it’s necessary that you have an efficient social networks business strategy to obtain your startup off the ground. Considering that billions of individuals are connected on social media websites, you’re genuinely losing out if you’re not tapping these exceptional resources. Here are some unexpected numbers on the total active users on popular social media networks:

  • Facebook: 1.41 billion
  • Twitter: 288 million
  • LinkedIn: 347 million
  • Pinterest: 70 million

Plainly, these roll counts show that social media is a great method to get exposure for your startup if you put in the effort to create a strong presence on it. From huge business companies to mid-level firms and brand new start-ups, social networks allows companies to take advantage of power in bring in more loyal customers or customers.

Thanks to their huge resources and manpower, bigger companies often can easily keep pace with the current social media modifications to enjoy a great profit. Nevertheless, small firms and start-ups typically have a hard time in this case due to an absence of cash and business connections. Here are couple of social networks tips that will certainly assist you grow as a company.

Developing Social Media Strategy

Whether it’s big, medium, or small, every sort of business prefers a social networks strategy to compete within today’s digital market. Having an exceptional strategy can help escort your social networks campaigns to the highest height possible. Initially, you must consider your business motives and brainstorm how social media can assist achieve them. You also have to analyze the consistency of your brand throughout social networking channels. Always remember that every brand has a distinct objective and yours ought to be different than others to stand out. Rather than copy another company’s social media strategy, curate your very own strategy for success.

You ought to investigate popular market trends and carefully examine your present status on social media. Compare your social media profiles with others and find ways to enhance your online presence. Social media marketing in 2015 is more about developing a material strategy and making it quickly available from mobile devices. Therefore, make sure you’re specifying a social networks strategy with a content strategy that works for mobile users too.

Choosing Right Social Networks

There are numerous various social networks platforms now distributing the internet, but it’s unwise to handle and update profiles on each one frequently. You’ll have to pick and choose the right social media channels that are relevant to your business along with your targeted audience. It’s best to have social networks profiles on a smaller number of networking platforms due to the fact that you can easily monitor them, keep them up-to-date, and communicate with your followers more closely.

Each social networks channel provides a diverse range of functionalities. For instance, Twitter lets you share information within the 140-character limit while Facebook allows you to share data without a limit (almost). Twitter serves you real-time results while Facebook only reveals updates that have actually gotten more suches as and shares. Think about each social media site’s special characteristics to reap optimum social networks outcome for your startup. For example, Oreo Cookie picked Vine as their significant social media channel for promotion.

They frequently post simple, six-second videos showing innovative and magical methods to use Oreos. Also, they just recently started the Wonderfilled project on social media to aid enhance their brand impression on their target market. Understand the true nature of each social media platform and select your channels accordingly. If your startup business offers handmade precious jewelry, there’s no way LinkedIn would work. Instead, you would choose Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook to generate the very best brand advantages.

Ask Your Audience What They Want

Years ago it was extremely challenging to ask feedback from countless current and prospective customers without spending crowds of money on door-to-door surveys. Today, social networks makes it simple to get reactions from your customer base without leaving the workplace. Customers come directly to your social media page, so take the chance to ask what they such as and what they hope you do in the future. This is a cost-effective approach for analyzing your customers’ needs and wishes. When you assemble all of the feedback, you’ll have the ability to make essential modifications to your social media business strategy to fit your consumers’ requests.

Customer Service

It’s extremely important for your startup to interact routinely with valuable clients. Solving your customer’s issues will assist create a healthy relationship in between your brand and your audience. Although you might be using conventional ways to provide support over the phone or through email, you can also use social media platforms to offer reliable customer support. React to each of your customer’s comments and ideas on your social media pages to showcase your devotion to their fulfillment. It’s an easy and money-saving technique because you will not have to set up a different team for calling consumers or to buy telephone lines.

I also advise that you use various social networks management tools, such as Hootsuite and Buffer. These handy tools permit you to track all customer remarks and discusses in real time. Therefore, consumers will not need to wait long on the phone lines for an executive to come and resolve their problem. They can merely leave a message or remark and your social networks manager can handle the issue expediently. Xbox support is a great example of a company that takes advantage of their Twitter account to offer exceptional client service in real time.

Online Community

Having a successful social media strategy implies constructing your own online community on different networking platforms. You can do this simply by personally interacting with your audience and establishing strong relationships with them. Also, you can build a community by revealing authentic concern for human connection and customer fulfillment. Posting about things you love and showing your group’s effort is an excellent way to maintain a favorable sentiment.

In general, customers significantly value companies that put in effort to engage with their followers and get in touch with their audience. For example, Thrillist has developed a strong online community on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to regularly share information with their users.

Regularly Evaluate Your Social Media Strategy

You may believe your task is done when you reach your objective of 1,000 or more likes, however you’ll need to constantly assess your social networks strategy to ensure you’re able to continue growing. Things change with time and social networks is no different. Strategies you were using on social networks before may not work any longer. For that reason, I recommend you assess your startup’s social media business plan regularly to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your profiles.

Structure lasting success on social media for your brand will require you to constantly know the existing patterns affecting your audience and plan your posts accordingly. Free social media analytics tools like Quintly, Klout, and Cyfe can assist you assess the presence of your startup’s brand over a range of social networking platforms. Produce engagement reports for each of your social networks profiles to examine whether your strategy is still working or needs some work.


Sometimes, finding out what social networks posts will go viral just takes a substantial amount of experimentation. Make sure you enable your startup the opportunity to prosper with new experiments, even if there’s a possibility that the project will fail. Thinking beyond the box will generate new innovative ideas and develop the good spirit you’ll need to deal with any problems later.

For instance, Pepsi provided totally free samples of their soda drink in exchange for likes on their Facebook page. This creative concept was more than just cool; it also generated lots of Facebook likes and developed a larger online community. Individuals love companies that get creative in their marketing methods, so open the gates and conduct some social networks experiments of your own.


Social media networking platforms clearly offer numerous different channels for you to achieve online success for your startup. That being stated, you’ll have to beware in producing a reliable social networks business strategy that suits your distinct goals and audience needs. Always make every effort to develop your brand’s own identity on social media so that customers can feel pleased in following you. Use the ideas mentioned within this overview of produce a strong social media strategy that will certainly jumpstart your startup.

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