Sencha for feature-rich HTML5 applications using Java and GWT

Sencha GXT is the most extensive Java framework for building feature-rich web applications. It uses the GWT (formerly Google Web Toolkit) compiler, enabling developers to write applications in Java and compile their code into extremely enhanced cross-platform HTML5 code.

Sencha GXT features high-performance UI widgets that are interoperable with native GWT elements, templates, and layout manager– offering you powerful control over your screen. An innovative charting bundle permits you to picture big quantities of data. The framework consists of built-in support for RPC, RequestFactory, and JSON, so you can feed data to your applications using any data source. Sencha GXT also provides full theming support, permitting you to build web applications that reflect your company branding standards.

High-Performance Customizable UI Widgets

Sencha GXT supplies a thorough collection of high-performance widgets that are entirely customizable. These widgets include HTML5 grids, trees, lists, forms, menus, toolbars, panels, windows, and far more. If you don’t find a widget you are searching for, hundreds of user extensions are offered from the Sencha community.

Design Manager and Templates

Sencha GXT includes a flexible design manager to aid arrange the display screen of data and material across several browsers, devices, and screen sizes. It helps you control the display screen of parts, even for the most complex user interfaces. Sencha GXT design templates include advanced functions such as autofilling varieties.

Advanced Charting Package

The Sencha GXT charting plan permits you to aesthetically represent data with a broad variety of chart types– consisting of line, bar, and pie charts. The charts use surface areas and sprites established with a drawing bundle implemented using SVG, VML, and Canvas technologies. Browser variations are managed automatically so that the charts always show correctly.

Full Theming Support with Theme Builder

Sencha GXT widgets are highly customizable. The framework includes a robust style builder for developing completely new themes– including those that reflect a specific brand identity. The style builder uses an easy config system that exposes numerous variables that can be become design custom themes.

Built-in Support for RPC, RequestFactory, and JSON

A robust data framework consisted of in Sencha GXT enables you to decouple the UI widgets from the service layer. The data framework permits client-side collections of data using extremely functional designs that offer features such as arranging and filtering. The data framework is protocol agnostic, and has out-of-the-box support for RPC, RequestFactory, and JSON.


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