SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

When it concerns manufacturing procedures, choices ought to be made on exact and real information originating from your store floor. Real-time records covering the manufacturing procedures are a substantial motorist for enhancement of those procedures by offering your business with the information essential to see chances and to stay clear of errors or additional expenses prior to they in fact happen. Commonly a hold-up exists in this information flow or no information is offered at all.

As a maker, you have to manage your business in genuine time. You should have the ability to exchange information in between manufacturing and supply networks– so you can react rapidly to altering customer needs.

And this is the function of SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII). SAP MII offers a direct connection in between business operations and shop-floor systems. Therefore ventures can react quick and flexibly to unanticipated modifications of need.

Why SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence?

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) makes it possible for the handling of manufacturing procedures and their close ties to the enterprise and the supply chain. It doings this by means of 2 primary elements: manufacturing integration and manufacturing intelligence. Manufacturing procedures are extremely business certain, the simpleness of the device permits us to construct an application adjusted to your specific demands. When incorporated with the experience of our specialists, SAP MII will supply you with the exposure on all your plant operations you really require.

SAP MII offers a direct connection in between systems for manufacturing and systems on business level. All information that influences manufacturing is right away offered and noticeable– consisting of information about devices condition, item quality, order processing, consumables and so on

Core Functions

The core functionalities of an SAP MII adaption are:.
Aggregation & Contextualization: Data throughout various systems will be aggregated and offered for various stakeholders or systems;.
Manufacturing Analytics: SAP MII supplies an effective platform for providing manufacturing analytics to management, supply chain, quality assurance and plant floor operations workers;.
Visualization: SAP MII supplies devices that assist in the production of visual records, permit to notify choice makers or call attention to the most vital information of the minute;.
Propagation & Integration: SAP MII permits you to integrate the Top Floor with the Shop Floor. The information services and business reasoning services offered in SAP MII will get rid of the job of by hand inputting information into ERP software.

Advantages of the SAP MII

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: SAP MII offers real-time connection in between the store floor and your ERP system. Prebuilt, standards-compliant ports considerably minimize preliminary expenses, complexity, and overall expense of ownership.
Greater performance for shop-floor workers— The option aggregates information from numerous systems to provide beneficial information to plant staff members with notifies, records, and crucial performance signs (KPIs). A single view of analytic information with role-based, configurable control panels allows quick, precise decision-making.
Continuous Improvement in procedures and performance— SAP MII provides real-time analytics that boost manufacturing performance. Manufacturing workers can keep track of, measure, and control process-improvement efforts, consisting of Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, and right-first-time manufacturing.
Superior asset Utilization— With SAP MII, you can make the most of asset-to-asset and plant-to-plant contrasts that make it possible for benchmarking, much better asset use, and justification of inadequately carrying out possessions.
Faster time to value— SAP MII can typically be carried out within 90 to 120 days, providing quick return on financial investment.
Improvement in Data Quality – No more replicate or inaccurate information and simply one dependable source to keep and conserve all your information;.
Integration – Centralize, consolidate and balance information which otherwise is ruined throughout various systems;.
Governance – Proper MDM has a policy, a set of procedures, requirements, controls and an execution strategy for handling master information;.
Process optimization – MDM sees to it the process of keeping Master Data is as structured as it can be. It helps with a much faster application of standard CRM procedures (20 % faster).


Become an adaptive manufacturer – profitably replenishing your supply network while responding to dynamic changes – with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence software. Link manufacturing processes with business operations to enable collaborative manufacturing and get the visibility you need to run your business in real time.

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