SAP Enterprise Risk Reporting

The SAP Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking rapid-deployment solution offers a risk data model with preconfigured data flows, analysis, and guides for risk management reporting in banks. It supports holistic coverage of risk management reporting, consisting of:

  • Risk reporting summary
  • Credit risk
  • Functional risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Market risk
  • Capital adequacy
  • Risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC)

The rapid-deployment solution contains the most crucial crucial performance indicators according to the Basel III policy.
It is based on cutting edge technology, with the SAP Business Stockroom application powered by SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence software with high-performance reporting and visually-compelling reports. By supporting an end-to-end procedure chain through the reporting option stack, the solution helps ensure ideal combination. With automated, preconfigured material and a detailed guide, implementation expenses are reduced and customer projects are accelerated.


Benefits for Business

  • Assists ensure sound risk management reporting in compliance with the “Concepts for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting” policy from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
  • Improves a bank’s capability to determine and handle bank-wide threats.
  • Covers all risk areas (credit, functional, liquidity, market) and capital adequacy.
  • Pieces and dices crucial risk procedures by vital measurements.
  • Provides data with compelling user-interface visualizations.
  • Improves the speed at which information is offered and choices can be made.
  • Supplies finest practices for the execution of risk management reporting for banks.
    Enables fast execution.

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