SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Overview

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is the best tool to discover and take new opportunities anytime, anywhere. With Web Intelligence software, you can get immediate answers to your business questions and act on the fly– with quickly, decision-ready understandings from any data source. Web intelligence software can offer your business users with flexible, intuitive ad hoc reporting tools and interactive analytics– on the internet, desktop, or mobile phone.

Because of its broad feature set presented in an intuitive way, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence has actually been the leading BI tool on the market for many years. Web Intelligence (typically called WebI) allows business analysts and non-technical information consumers to ask ad hoc and iterative business questions about their data. Business users can use simple drag-and-drop strategies to gain access to data sources and create interactive reports to address business concerns. Cutting edge visualization capability permits end users to see two- and three-dimensional charts and hone in on specific locations of concentrate for more effective, revealing analysis.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence consists of a browser-based client (dHTML or java applet) and a desktop application (Web Intelligence Rich Client) for offline use. The Web Intelligence Rich Client can be downloaded straight from the SAP BusinessObjects BI Launchpad. A mobile application for Web Intelligence reports is also readily available.

The Web Intelligence UI is structured in 3 main “screens” that can be made available to users depending upon security rights provided by the administrator:

Check out Mode: Simple UI to assess a file with input controls, filtering and drill with the possibility to save the current state of the analysis).
Design Mode: In addition to the read functions, the design mode offers users the capability to include data sources, filter data, define drill courses, organize the layout of reports, and format report areas, tables and charts.
Query Panel: A dialog box to create or edit Data Providers, i.e. to get the essential information to feed the tables and the charts of a document’s reports.



Interactive reporting and analysis tool

Report customers can quickly interact with reports developed by report designers through convenient on-report analysis. One simple toolbar, input controls and a prompt side panel give access to drill, slice and filtering functions so users can ask questions, assess data, and recognize trends.
Web Intelligence is also an instinctive tool for report (or document) design: it provides a set of toolbars for inquiring, designing, format, and examining data. Pertinent contextual menus and drag-and-drop features ease the positioning of tables and charts. A Web Intelligence document can include numerous reports and each report can consist of sections to organize data and facilitate navigation to the ideal information.

Access to information

Web Intelligence offers a unified access to numerous data sources such as relational sources (SAP HANA, Sybase, Oracle, IBM DB2, MSFT SQL Server or Teradata), SAP BW BEx Queries, OLAP cubes (MSFT Analysis Services and Oracle Essbase), Excel files, text files and Web Services. Business information exists in a constant manner through an abstraction layer that conceals the intricacy of the underlying data sources to the end user. This implies that business users can get access to information without IT intervention.

More importantly, Web Intelligence allows users to combine data from all those various data sources, so users can get answers to their business concerns. For example, comparing budget from one data source with actuals from another data source is a snap.

Advanced charting

Web Intelligence makes use of a sophisticated charting library called CVOM that offers users access to a broad set of charts (Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Scatter, Bubble, Radar, Box Plot and Waterfall). This library also includes an innovative chart zoom control and focused analysis.

Absolutely no Footprint support

Web Intelligence is offered as a dHTML client application that supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers, plus Safari on Apple devices. No additional downloads or local installations are required, making this zero-footprint client extremely attractive for large enterprise deployments.

Powerful platform services

Web Intelligences runs on the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform and leverages the effective platform services such as scheduling and publishing reports to numerous receivers and devices, life process management (LCM), authentication, and auditing.



Enhanced Productivity

Web Intelligence is a user friendly, web-based, reporting tool that can be quickly deployed throughout the organization. The Web Intelligence feature set is immediately easily accessible through an intuitive user interface. This tool is easy to learn and to end up being competent with, leading to decreased training expenses.

Enhanced ROI

Web Intelligence can right away access your SAP BW queries, relational sources, OLAP cubes or Excel files. By integrating data from all those sources into state of the art reports, Web Intelligence gives you a quick return on the financial investment you’ve taken into your information system.

Trusted insight

With Web Intelligence, you can take advantage of the SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer, a set of common business terms and IT approved KPIs that can be utilized throughout your organization. Get openness into the sources of information and presence into report details. Safely share interactive reports with associates, clients, and partners.

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