SAP Business Warehouse with Data Analytics

Business Information Warehouse or Business Warehouse (BW) is a packaged, extensive business intelligence product focused around a data warehouse that is optimized for the R/3 environment from SAP.

Like most data warehouses, BW is a mix of databases and database management tools that are made use of to support management choice making. BW provides the facilities common of data warehouses, however also consists of preconfigured data extractors, analysis and report tools, and business process models. Amongst the other features of BW are: Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) that enable connections to non-R/3 applications; preconfigured business material; an incorporated OLAP processor; automated data extraction and loading routines; a metadata repository; administrative tools; several language support; and Business Explorer, a Web-based user interface. SAP Business Warehouse is an integral part of the company’s mySAP Business Intelligence group of items.

In today’s “Age of the Customer,” organizations that can rapidly harness Big Data to make fast decisions will certainly outshine their rivals.

Organizations have to transform their data into strategic assets that will certainly enable much better decision-making for maximum business outcomes. The best way to do that is using analytics tools to collect large amounts of big data, extract definition from that data and use it to drive actual growth. Business analytics can assist companies let loose the power of collective insight by delivering enterprise business intelligence, agile visualizations, and advanced predictive analytics to all users– on any device or platform.

Currently, the SAP Business Warehouse (BW) continues to be the enterprise data warehouse for many companies running SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning). The issue is that SAP BW cannot move forward into the age of big data analytics because it’s struggling to satisfy existing business requirements. While it’s true that the SAP BW holds crucial data, companies need to be able to use that data to become more competitive.

Agility is important to support a fast-moving business. However, the power of SAP BW– an enterprise data warehouse with a layered, scalable architecture and robust data governance– also hampers agility. And sufficient access to SAP BW data continues to be an obstacle for many business. The time it requires to gather requirements, include data sources, grow the data design, along with develop, test and provide the dashboard is too long. The fastest method to open the full business value of SAP Business Warehouse is with agile analytics.

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