Recruiting Company’s Power Booster – Thinking Beyond Corporate Boundaries

Recruitment companies usually grab success with a well-defined corporate staffing strategy. A recruiting company needs to manage its activities, providing initial direction to the clients and continued monitoring to assure good results.

Virtual teams can help the recruiting company in simplifying its processes and be more cost effective. The key idea is to enhance the professional expertise utilizing the latest tools and techniques with a results oriented approach. Continuous monitoring of the results is another key to success. The virtual teams can be utilized to focus on these critical success factors.

Virtual team can be integrated inside different stages of recruitment lifecycle, including:-

  • Online and offline campaign design and management
  • Assessment & selection programs
  • Interviewing
  • Offer management
  • Onboarding
  • Outplacement
  • Redeployment


10 Winning Ways To Support Recruiting Company Operations

Here is a list of possible ways to empower recruiting company operations using virtual teams.

  1. To assess true technology capability – by technology experts
  2. Jobs publishing, job content management, job advertisement lifetime.
  3. Searching individuals on Professional Networks
  4. Resume Management (Resume fixing, Database management activities)
  5. Preliminary telephonic interviews
  6. Salary benchmarks and market monitoring
  7. Candidate Screening: Communicate your process to potential candidates prior to sending them for interview.
  8. Regularly Uploading Content: Continuously adding content regularly to the website – as well as encouraging visitors to keep returning, this also has significant SEO benefits and will help to increase traffic to the website.
  9. Analyze: Integrating Google Analytics or a similar package into the website so that one can evaluate website footfall and establish the impact of individual marketing activities.
  10. Social Media: Using social media marketing and its channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook to raise your profile and promote key vacancies, new articles etc.

Running Recruiting Company - Thinking Beyond Corporate Boundaries

Virtual Teams Benefits for Recruiting Companies

Virtual teams are getting popular everyday. Organizations are optimizing on commute, infrastructure, operations, accounting &  taxation and similar business costs. It is a cost effectively way of increasing the resources.  You can also target and leverage the expertise from people who are reluctant to travel or relocate from their home locations.

Few major benefits of using virtual teams are given below:

1 – Cost Reduction

Using virtual teams increases the economies of scale for the organizations. Organizations can remove the reliance on costly resources being used for basic processes while hiring an economical virtual resource. Although costs are a great initial motivator for companies, over the longer term many of them recognise that other benefits have a greater impact on their ability to successfully go to market.


2- Improve Speed and Efficiency

Working with a partner that understands the overall operations prevailing in the recruitment industry means you can easily break the processes by transferring tedious and time consuming work to virtual teams. That will clearly increase the efficiency of the process.


3 – Simpler Accounting- No Payroll Deductions responsibility

When you are operating your operations via virtual teams, you don’t need to be worried about  governmental compliance related to insurance and tax liabilities. Company leasing the virtual teams takes that responsibility.

You can still pay some bonuses to these employees if you feel like.


4 – Hiring & Training a new resource

Usually there is high turnover in the recruiting companies. Hiring and training new resources is a costly job. So you can pass on this risk by leasing a virtual team.


5 – Diversity of Employees

Team members located in different states or countries increase the diversity of your team. Diversity gives you multiple points-of-view, helping you to see the problems you are tackling holistically.


Way Forward

Feel free to drop us a note if you need any recommendations to streamline your processes or want to manage your recruiting processes leasing a virtual teams.


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