Ruby on Rails: Sustainable productivity for Application Development

When its about business web applications, companies always have a tough choice. There is a list of development systems or programs to select from, including Java, Python, and Ruby among others. But Ruby on Rails is the best option to develop web apps for your business.

Over 200,000 websites are using Ruby on rails apps in one form or another. It is a programming language based upon the open-source web application framework Ruby on Rails. Two features that distinguish Ruby from other programming languages are:

  • Application development speed
  • Freedom of use  of web apps developed with Ruby.

This has resulted in the fast adoption of the language by companies such as Amazon, Cisco, Yahoo!, NASA, and much more. Ruby is so versatile that a few of the best start-ups are built mainly on Ruby on rails.  Few examples are Groupon and Scribd with a consolidated customer base of over 100 million.


Why Ruby?

If you are stuck to invest in development, Ruby is the application development platform that can help you out. This is one of the reasons why Ruby is so prominent– developers are more efficient in it and they perform even better than they would have done with other languages.

When its about customized software for application development, companies have to contend with a variety of considerations. On the one hand, they look for to create an application that establishes them other than the competition, and, on the other hand, they also need to develop practical software for data collection and exchange fast and effective. The versatility and speed of Ruby make all this possible. Ruby allows business to establish a competitive advantage while at the same time creating beautiful and useful web apps. Ruby programs is likewise easier and much cheaper compared to conventional web development languages and frameworks.


Keys Points

Despite the massive adoption of Ruby on Rails, there are still some developers which really feel that regardless of Ruby’s popularity, Java still is a much more efficient language. It could possibly merely be a case of reactionaries refusing to welcome the new kid in town, but the effectiveness argument faces a heavy obstacle.

When it pertains to pick a development platform, cost is a big element companies must take into consideration. A lot of companies adopting Ruby can be an indicator that development cost is less than with other programs. As Ruby evolves to take its place alongwith application development tools consisting of Java, its very early participant badge places it at a small downside. It is considereded as a techie-friendly language as it has actually been used in several start-ups, yet has actually not been examined as an enterprise-scale app building platform.

When Java first showed up on the scene, comparable disagreements were presented, and this could be the instance with Ruby also. However, as it stands, Ruby has shown to be an efficient platform which enables quicker development, lowering costs in the process. It hases ended up being the leading option because it allows individuals to develop scalable web applications, and it is set to end up being the language of selection over.NET and Java for speed and agile development.

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