Real-time Condition Based Maintenance to Increase Asset utilization

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance method focuseded on extending equipment life, enhancing efficiency, and reducing your day-to-day operating expense. Unlike periodic maintenance (PM) where services are based upon arranged periods, CBM depends upon real equipment wellness to determine when and exactly what maintenance is needed. By thinking about running environment, temperature levels, and application, CBM provides much better control over the wellness of the device.

CBM, a kind of proactive, predictive or preventive maintenance, can be specified just as maintenance started on the basis of a property’s condition. Condition Based Maintenance is an option to failure-based maintenance started when possessions break down, and use-based maintenance caused by time or meter readings.

Suppliers have actually included CBM into their CMMS offerings in a number of methods. The software application then assesses inbound information to make sure that trends are on target and within user-defined control restrictions. When information strays outside restrictions, the software application starts a work order or takes some various other action.


Why Automated Data Acquisition for Real-Time Data?

From the existing automation systems, treatments are followed to gather real-time devices information at routine periods. An example of this manual labor would be reviewing metered information from one computerized system or determining devices wellness with standalone instruments, recording it, and then entering it into a computerized maintenance system.

The automated systems are able to access the most current information on need. They are likewise comforted by the truth that the information was recorded precisely as it was in the initial automation system, consisting of all timestamps and values. The accuracy and regularity of information acquisition makes it possible for companies to utilize a real Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program.


Why Real-Time Data for CBM?

The trouble with conventional preventative maintenance is that all maintenance is arranged on a regular, routine basis regardless of devices use and running condition. Therefore, devices that is seldom made use of will get the exact same quantity of maintenance as often pre-owned devices.

This implies that some devices is kept too typically, therefore enhancing maintenance expenses needlessly, but various other devices suffers unnecessary wear and tear while awaiting its set up maintenance. This lead to pricey repair work expenses that might have been prevented. It overlooks necessary maintenance tasks that need to be carried out instantly.

Since maintenance can manage issues proactively prior to they expand into more significant concerns, utilizing real-time information assists with the avoidance of unscheduled downtime. Pacesetters comprehend the crucial quantifiable elements that affect their devices performance and condition. Because these aspects can be determined, software application applications can immediately monitor them and alert maintenance just when the devices condition demands action.


How CBM increases Reliability?

Condition Based Maintenance makes it possible for operators and owners to make use of information and analytics determine problems prior to failure, decrease maintenance expenses and prioritize maintenance expenses throughout a fleet of properties. It allows much better use of onboard information to assist execute a Condition Based Maintenance Strategy. This produces value for the operators, managers and owners in a range of methods:.

  • Determine risks prior to failure with computerized predictive diagnostic analytics.
  • Troubleshoot problems much faster with real-time analytics onboard and onshore.
  • Strategy maintenance duration better with real-time openness into devices wellness and performance.
  • Prioritize maintenance invest throughout a fleet of properties to take full advantage of ROI.
  • Use real-time information from tracking devices to examine devices conditions against predefined, typical operating specifications.
  • Offer real-time information (through pager, email, or most messaging systems) when devices is running beyond regular bounds so suitable maintenance action can be taken.
  • Instantly starts suitable maintenance action, consisting of examination, production of a work order, and condition-based maintenance schedule updates.


We , at GeoViz are committed to retain physical assets in proper working order that is critical for our clients. Today, most maintenance is still performed either according to a set calendar schedule or according to the most ancient procedure: “if it breaks, fix it.” In this modern, data-intensive industrial environment, we can do much better and take plant performance to the next level with condition-based maintenance (CBM).

Do you know how to

  • prevent unplanned downtime?
  • making better use of maintenance resources?
  • maximizing the operational life of you assets
  • Improve system reliability? 
  • Decreased maintenance cost?
  • Decreased number of maintenance operations that causes human error?


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