Pitfalls of using PHP for Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications are software which supplies business reasoning support functionality for an enterprise, usually in industrial companies, which intends to enhance the enterprise’s performance and effectiveness.

Attributes of enterprise software

Qualities of enterprise software are performance, scalability, and effectiveness. Enterprise software generally has user interfaces to various other enterprise software.

Solutions supplied by enterprise software are normally business-oriented devices such as online shopping and online payment processing, interactive item brochure, automated billing systems, security, content management, CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, HR Management, Manufacturing, EAI and so on

What is Scalability?

There are a variety of various elements of scalability. It constantly begins with performance, code maintainability, fault tolerance, and the accessibility of setting personnel.

Why People has Negative Impression that PHP is just for Small Scale Websites?

PHP is a language for the quick development of dynamic Websites. It likewise has numerous functions that are friendly to starting designers, such as the truth that it does not need variable declarations. Numerous of these functions can lead a developer unintentionally to permit security holes to sneak into a Web application. The popular security newsletter bristle with notes of imperfections determined in PHP applications, however PHP can be as safe and secure as other language as soon as you comprehend the fundamental sorts of imperfections PHP applications have the tendency to show.

PHP is an open source programs language that is commonly popular online. Due to the fact that PHP so popular in shared hosting environments, numerous individuals have an impression that PHP is just for little scale web-sites. This is patently false, and PHP is in use in numerous huge scale website such as Yahoo, wikipedia and Lufthansa Online Ticketing for the production of big web applications such as IMP.

Enterprises wish to have particular guarantees about a web technology they utilize in the following locations:.

  • Performance and Fast Development.
  • Reliability and Security.
  • Extensibility– able to utilize industry requirements to connect with various other software systems.
  • Scalability– able to include added servers as the tons boosts.
  • Load Balancing– capability to disperse the lots so no single server is strained.
  • High Availability– capability to make it through failure of server parts transparently.



To attain high performance and scalability– it not just depend upon language, it likewise rely on the designers, developers and programmers.

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