Oracle Retail Supply Chain Planning and Execution


In spite of the significant efforts that retailers have actually made to deliver the right item to the right place at the right time, customers’ highly expectat that you will meet their expectations by any channel and on their terms. An explosion of consumer-accessible technology is altering the fabric of consumerism.


Developing Your Experience Platform

Oracle’s perspective is that all cross-functional operations must be incorporated and redundant silos of information removed to accomplish an extensively linked experience for business users and customers alike. In order to do that, you need to:

  • Connect interactions, developing a unified experience across the establishment, Web, mobile, and call center channels.
  • Gain actionable insight to make smarter choices across your business.
  • Optimize operations, making it possible for effectiveness through economies of scale and aligning department KPIs to reroute your focus to customer priorities.

It takes all three working in unison to produce a new experience; concentrating on simply the linked customer experience will just dissatisfy if insight and operations are not aligned.


Conquering the Challenges

Oracle Retail assists remove the potential for interruptions throughout your supply chain that can impede rewarding development. Your supply chain group is overview of the greatest concern tasks your business deals with. Role-based dashboards enhance your users’ experience, enabling reliable, proactive management of jobs such as:.

  • Make use of time series forecasting strategies to create accurate consumer demand forecasts integrating impacts of assortment, pricing and promotions.
  • Compute the optimum inventory target levels at shops and stockrooms to satisfy demand within income, revenue and service degree objectives.
  • Create positive sourcing, replenishment and appropriation strategies – and convert constricted strategies into orders, transfers, load develops, and transport schedules.
  • Help with the collaborated activity of merchandise and information throughout circulation properties and processes.
  • Take advantage of real-time inventory visibility at establishments and stockrooms. Just with Oracle’s software and services, can you deploy an integrated suite that supports the depth and breadth of planning and execution processes required across your supply chain team.


Forecasting & Replenishment

Oracle forecasting abilities enable you to incorporate an enterprisewide projection of customer demand across all channels with time-phased inventory replenishment plans for every degree of your.
circulation network, from suppliers to stockrooms to establishments to the hands of all clients. The demand forecast acknowledges a variety of influences that affect sales such as new shop openings, new product intros, price and assortment modifications, promotions and discontinuation.
of products.

The computation of item inventory required by place uses innovative mathematical versions grounded in sound scientific and business concepts. These proven algorithms determine the timing and amounts of purchases and store circulations within the realities of constricted area or restricted inventory accessibility.


Order & Inventory Management

As you manage the flow of product, at every step along the way you have forward visibility to inventory availability, motion and assessment for every warehouse and every shop. You can enhance inventory control and order management operations related to sourcing items and handling vendor relationships along with customer order capture and satisfaction processes.


Warehouse & Transportation Management

Oracle Retail warehouse management solution coordinates the receipt, movement and tracking of product and works as a facilitator of fulfilment. Execution capabilities for transport and logistics decrease transportation expenses by enhancing asset application and carrier relations and enhance customer support by offering flexible fulfilment alternatives.



Oracle Retail consumers have achieved $3 billion in one-time supply chain inventory reduction, with achievement of inventory decrease benefits of 5 % to 30 % for many Oracle retail clients.

Oracle Retail customers are experiencing earnings improvement of 0.5 % to 5 % from enhanced sales, approximately 5 % improvement in productivity derived mostly from countering the have to include personnel as sales grow, 10 % to 25 % reductions in waste and perishing, and as much as a complete portion point improvement in gross margin. Those are bottomline figures you can require to the bank.


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