Must haves of an Enterprise Performance Management Solution

Successful project performance management needs to monitor and record the right information, the capacity to verify the information’s precision, and also having the ability to access it effortlessly and evaluate it using the procedures that relate to your business need and niche. The ideal performance management software will provide this efficiently while enhancing efficiency to make sure that data and insights are realized and spread out quickly before the time runs out to take corrective action on underperforming projects.

Enterprise Performance Management softwares is a part of enterprise’s total project controls solution. Industrial-strength integration, reporting as well as analytics capabilities are developed to sustain the extensive performance management requirements of the corporate sector and clients.

As a project cost controls platform, EPM softwares addresses the importance of assessing performance versus project budgeting, forecasts, funds utilization and also its availability, corporate strategy, and much more. From an organizational point of view, cumulative performance is assessed versus top down budget plans and objectives alongwith a number of other dimensions.

Effective Performance Reporting

As an integrated, full lifecycle project management software solution, EPM offers you all procedures and measures important to track performance– estimates, budgets, forecasts, progression dimension, expenses, earnings, commitments and lot more. EPM built-in reporting procedures and control panels let you go through from the precise information mirroring different organizational perspectives within your domain: cost difference reports, cash flows, accruals, margins and lot more. By putting all project cost sights in context of work package, project, program, profile and organizational elements, performance management and analysis capabilities are basically unlimited.

Best Practices and Enterprise level Reporting

While EPM gives significant improvements in cost management for specific projects, your organization will see the largest projects by making use of EPM’s best practices that are safe, scalable, and also main repository to roll up data and monitor different programs as well as profiles of projects. Enterprise performance management helps you to determine systemic areas of improvement and also address them organization-wide. EPM allows you to compensate and correct the damaged procedures throughout the enterprise, while providing control to some specific managers and also making them accountable over their own projects. EPM’s best practices makes sure the high quality of information and the right procedures are being adhered to, while providing the adaptability to adjust to already existing organizational procedures.

EPM Solutions Emphasizes on

  • Tabular and Visual reporting and analysis
  • Dashboards and Drill down sights
  • Budgeting Reports
  • Variance and trending reports
  • Period based reporting
  • Management of central formulas for KPIs, variances, and also other standard reporting metrics
  • Historic images and real-time comparisons with any kind of prior reporting period
  • Unlimited “What-If” situation analysis
  • Capital and O&M reports
  • Funds Management reports
  • Development Measurement based on different techniques
  • Auditing
  • Effortless procedures and ad-hoc reports
  • Forecasts from several data sources for performance management consisting of ERP

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