Modular Design of Products, Hardware and Software

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of modular design are well known. Its downsides are not so frequently understood. Right here we will analyze both advantages and drawbacks in the light of our experience.

When we analyze the design of real life products we see hardware becoming an increasing number of incorporated while the tendency in personal computer and enterprise class software programming is towards increasingly more modular design.


Product Cost and Development time can be higher or lower

Expense can be partitioned into development cost and production expense.

If the partitioning of the design into modules has actually already been done and the development consists of simply fine-tuning existing and putting together existing modules development expense is lower for modular design.

If nevertheless the design needs to be partitioned into modules and the interfaces between modules specified, the development expense tend to be higher. This is specifically the case if the modules are developed to be reusable and the needs of items besides that being currently developed need to be considered.

Some form of modular design is a necessity, in order for us to make sense of intricate modern items. Development expense is more when we try to make modules that can be re used in other efforts.

For hardware, enhanced interconnects in between different modules can add significantly to item expense. However if one can use modules in mass production cost is considerably lowered. This is the reason we see numerous power modules being currently sold, specifically for the popular 7805 physical form element.

Software development expense is higher or lower utilizing modular design. If pre designed modules are already readily available through libraries, the expense of design is lower. Nevertheless if modular libraries are being established as a part of the the development effort the development expense and time are higher.

This enhanced development expense and time can be recouped in future if the libraries generated are made use of for other functions.


Development time

The development time is commonly lower since once the design is split up into modules, design groups can work in parallel on the various modules.



For software the increasing ability of modern-day machines has actually papered over the enhancing hardware demands of running software developed in a modular fashion.

For hardware the interconnect between different modules as subsystems often act as limitations for total performance. As an example if we examine the desktop computer, its performance is commonly restricted by the amounts of data we can move over the various buses on the system.



The user interfaces in between various modules are often usual causes of failure. When I was starting out my profession, a knowledgeable satellite engineer informed me that in a finished and tested system, 90 % of failures are due to faulty cable television connections. And over the years I have found this statement to be true.
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