Mobility for EPM Applications by SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management

In today’s innovative world, everybody is getting used to obtain the information within seconds. SAP made mobility part of their priorities a while back and it has actually been providing because, proven by their leader position in 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cell phone Management (MDM). Among the applications getting unique attention is Strategy Management (SSM). So far there are lots of different methods to access the information from the application in mobile devices.

1) SAP Strategy Management App
2) CitizenInsight
3) StoreInsight
4) EPM Unwired
5) Strategy Management 10.1 mobile options


SAP Strategy Management App

Available on the App Store it was the very first mobile application readily available to deal with top of Strategy Management. It connects to the SSM Server and it shows the information stay in a stylish way. Users can review a summary of Objectives, Initiatives and KPIs, also browse Strategy Maps or picture the Scorecard as if they were in the desktop version. A few of the essential performances are:

  • Users can search the data live or take a copy while offline.
  • Users can work together by going into remarks or replying to existing ones.
  • For users interested, this can be downloaded from the App Store and it has demo data to reveal a few of its advantages.



Developed in collaboration with the City of Boston, MA with the concept of offering their citizens with full exposure over their accomplishments for specific amount of times, it has actually called the attention of numerous organizations. Within SAP Strategy Management, users have the ability to set up extra specifications such as images and messages and export those with particular elements from SSM and the application develops a website that can be accessed from a web browser or from the CitizenInsight App.


StoreInsight offers local managers district managers, shop managers, to name a few with information about how their store or region is performing based upon the specific signs and Initiatives that have been set up at the corporate or local revel.
Some of the benefits consist of:

  • Provides a total drill down to check the overall status of the organization
  • Disconnects the information from the SSM server to serve a wider audience
  • Supplies a simpler method to examine outcomes
  • Allows openness


EPM Unwired

Consolidation (BPC) and Business Knowledge (BI) information through mobile devices. Users can link to various versions of CitizenInsight, StoreInsight at the same time they access BPC and BI.
The functionality already provided by the other two is improved with the following benefits:

  • Users can annotate certain screenshots prior to sharing them with others
  • Users can add voice notes to those screenshots.
  • Users can crop the image to concentrate on specific sections


SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management 10.1

With the latest version of SSM, one of the main modifications has actually been going from flex technology to HTML5 using the SAPUI5.
With that modification, besides getting better looking user interface on desktop, the development group was able to offer support to Safari on the IPad without the have to install any apps.

Users can now open Safari and point straight to their SSM servers and will have the ability to search the exact same information they have on the House, Strategy and Scorecard tabs.

A few of the advantages out of this option are:

  • Users can connect to live information.
  • Users don’t have to install any apps.
  • Same visualizations supplied by the desktop version through a user interface designed for cell phone.

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