Manufacturing Intelligence: Operations Management by Already Collected Data

Manufacturing Intelligence techniques take advantage of a suite of reporting and analysis devices, user interfaces and control panels created to provide contextual, localized, role-based information to assist you enhance your system or process.

Reporting & Analytics

To enhance manufacturing performance, you require reputable information collection and precise, structured reporting. Our sophisticated reporting and analytics options put information into context, enabling you to more quickly keep an eye on the essential aspects that affect performance, effectiveness and quality. Showing metrics in visual representations and easy-to-read records supplies effective understanding into performance history that can be made use of throughout your operations to support constant enhancement.

Dashboards & KPIs

Control panels supply an easy and visual means to make crucial performance signs (KPIs) noticeable throughout the enterprise. Our software devices collect information and format it into easy-to-read, adjustable control panels. Provided in extremely visual plans and charts, these control panels supply localized, role-based information– assisting you make much better choices much faster.

Manufacturing Energy Management

Understanding vital energy usage information is needed to properly evaluate your overall manufacturing expenses. We provide software devices that supply that idea. Utilizing a Web-based system, you can catch, track, record and evaluate information to keep track of and enhance energy use. In addition, emissions-monitoring abilities permit you to make the most of discounts, energy rewards, off-peak investing in strategies, and various other expense savings procedures.

Manufacturing Performance & OEE

Performance metrics such as devices and product use and total devices efficiency (OEE) supply essential idea into exactly how well you are handling your manufacturing operations. Our manufacturing performance and OEE options offer the devices you should determine particular reasons for inadequacy. This enables you to measure or compare the performance of plants, lines, devices or specific manufacturing groups.


Manufacturing Intelligence allow you to collect manufacturing-related data from across your plant, transfer it to your business systems and use it to create reports, analyses and visual summaries. When given new structure or context, these data allow users to easily find the information they need, regardless of its source. This real knowledge drives business results across the enterprise.

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