Magento vs Shopify – One to One Comparison of Two Leading eCommerce tools

In this post we have compared the Shopify and Magento e-commerce solutions. Keep reading if you are thinking about using one of these items to discover which fits your demands best.






Free & open source

Easy setup, great support

Requires advanced skills

Wide customization options

Extremely customizable

Number of App available, to extend your store’s abilities

Great amount of community developers as well as extension companies

Best for small stores

Best for large online sellers

Pricing starts at $14/month


Dedicated hosting is not required

Requires dedicated hosting server specializing in Magento

One storefront available

Multiple storefronts on one platform

Configure apps within admin panel

Integrate extensions into Magento Admin

Products are organized via tags

Hierarchical structure of products (categories and subcategories)




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Around the world of eCommerce Magento is the king. Brand names like Nike, Northface run their websites on this platform. Magento Go, the hosted solution, is paired with Shopify and BigCommerce. When it comes to the visuals, you’ll have the ability to discover cost-free or exceptional design templates. Free design templates are not recommended, as a regulation they are rather restricted in regards to design aspects. When it comes to the premium, you can have a look at the gallery to discover exactly how Magento templates appear like.


If you have actually currently seen Magento website, than you’ve seen that this platform is readily available in a variety of variations. The most extensive– Enterprise– is produced for developers. The cost really bites.


  • Community version is free.
  • $12,990 for manufacturing server # 1.
  • $12,990 for manufacturing server # 2 (included for redundancy and speed).
  • $0 for 1 staging server, $12,990 for any extra.
  • $25,980 per developer.



  • Many advanced and extensive eCommerce platform.
  • Big quantity of design templates.
  • Many length of functions.
  • Third-party apps and plugins readily available (both cost-free & premium).



  • Comprehensive expertise required for any individual to utilize this platform.
  • Magento is not user friendly to a non-technical individual.
  • Documents is mainly online, support alternatives are rather restricted.


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This is among the simplest eCommerce platforms one can utilize. With Shopify you’ll have the ability to begin your store in a couple of days after you’ve registered. Utilizing this platform there will be no need to code. Simply select the design template you such as and “fill in the blanks” with your content.


  • User-friendly.
  • Simply a couple of modifications had to introduce a store.
  • Budget friendly (begins from $14), fantastic support on board.
  • Variety of APPs offered.
  • POS.



  • Restricted modification alternative.
  • Restricted design template collection.
  • Restricted reporting alternative.


Both platforms are terrific, however each of them is made for a certain function. Prior to picking either Magento or Shopify you have to think it over: how much products you will have, are you going to extend your store and make it larger. Actually these are the first question any online store owner need to ask.


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