Magento and CS Cart Ecommerce – A Comparison


Each of these technologies has their advantages and disadvantages rely on functionalities. As per my perspective none of technology is best in their field, but yes they are full fill requirement to utilizing api, extensions, plugins and modules. Magento and CS Cart are two very well understand name in online eCommerce system in php.

Where Magento (Community version) is complimentary offered for download and CS-Cart including paid license purchase based. Both has advantages and downsides in their application, support and online file.

Here is a detailed comparison between both of these, have a look.


A. Basic Magento CS Cart
1. Open source Yes(100%) Yes(100%)
2. Framework Zend CS-Cart
3. MVC Structure Good Good
4. Frontend Speed Good Good
5. Backend Speed Good Good
6. Mobile Good Good
7. Multi-store Pretty well Average
8. Multi-vendor None Good
B. UED (User Environment Design) Magento CS Cart
9. Frontend Design Pretty well Not bad
10. Backend Design Good Perfect
11. Responsive/Adaptive Good None
12. Easy Design None Pretty well
13. AJAX-based Good Average
14. Shopping Experience Good Good
15. Admin Experience Good Pretty well
C. Catalog Magento CS Cart
16. Cross Selling Good Good
17. Product Comparison Pretty well Pretty well
18. Wishlist Good Good
19. Intelligent Recommendations Not bad Not bad
20. Product Reviews Not bad Bad
21. Product Filters None Perfect
22. HTML5 Image Uploader Pretty well None
23. Import/Export Bad Good
24. Bulk Product Update None Good
D. SEO Magento CS Cart
25. SEO Score 78% 95%
26. URL Rewrite Pretty well Pretty well
27. Canonical URL None None
E. Promotions Magento CS Cart
28. Coupons Good Perfect
29. Gift Certificates None Good
30. Free Shipping Not bad Not bad
31. Discounts Not bad Perfect
32. Affiliates None Good
33. Newsletters Not bad Good
34. Reward Points None Good
35. Sell On Ebay Good None
F. CMS Magento CS Cart
36. News or Blog None Average
37. Custom Contact Form None Perfect
38. Polls None Not bad
39. Banners Management Not bad Perfect
40. Testimonials None Not bad
41. Email Templates Bad Not bad
G. Order Magento CS Cart
42. Return Requests Not bad Good
43. Recurring Plans None Good
44. Packing Slips Average Good
45. Order Statuses Pretty well Good
46. Abandoned Cart None Average
47. Multi-languages Pretty well Good
48. Multi-currencies Good Good
49. Multi-warehouse None Perfect
50. Taxes Pretty well Pretty well
51. Store Locator Pretty well Good


The features list and rating is according to the design, development, implementation and testing experience by magento and cs-cart experts.

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