List of SAP BI and Reporting Tools


Excel Add-Ins

GL Wand is an Excel-based financial reporting tool for finance professionals using SAP Financials for SAP 4.7, ERP 2004/ECC 5.0, or ERP 2005/ECC 6.0. It enables extremely effective and secure financial reporting, and faster freshens with ad-hoc inquiry and drill downs. GL Wand leverages existing SAP security settings and provides reports with drill-down abilities that are refreshable on need, while protecting formatting and Excel formula. There are no middleware or data storage facility requirements.

Reports Wand accesses actual time SAP data and saves users from continuously exporting from other tools into Excel and reformatting. Users can quickly develop and style their own reports in Excel and drill to detail or drill to other related data for innovative analysis. Reports Wand can also assist current GL Wand users extend the drill performance into other modules, assisting maximize their reporting abilities.

Jedox Excel add-in with great reporting and visualization capabilities, as well as a web based user interface to its BI and reporting tools. Outstanding integration with SAP.

Spreadsheet Server for SAP is an Excel add-in that provides live and vibrant SAP reporting and evaluation from SAP ERP into Excel. SAP Excel reports can be developed from FI, CO, COPA, PCA, SD, MM, PP, QM, PM, HR, PS and Unique Purpose Ledgers. Dynamic dashboards can be created which can be accessed, automated and provided with a formula driven methodology, including summary balances and detailed drill downs.
The cloud based Query Exchange allows users to select from pre-built questions and customize them to meed particular needs.

Winshuttle Query allows practical experts and business users to use a familiar interface– such as Excel– to develop ad-hoc guides from real-time SAP data. Query satisfies governance and audit requirements by adhering to organizational-level security and basic SAP table security– a noteworthy enhancement over other more restricted SAP query tools.It likewise introduces the patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling technology that optimizes Query performance based on the SAP system load.


BI Platforms

arcplan Enterprise is the most widely-used third-party BI front-end to SAP BW environments. Without any programs, users develop reports, planning scenarios, and evaluations to the demanding requirements of their business andseamlessly incorporate SAP- and non-SAP data.

Cognos is a large suite of BI and EPM tools, well matched to huge organisations. It makes use of patent-pending, next-generation technology designed particularly for integration and interoperability with SAP applications such as SAP NetWeaver Business Storage facility.

QlikView, through its in-memory associative technology, delivers quick data visibility and decision-making agility for all company and technical users in a single item. Combines and examines data from SAP® R/3®, mySAP™, SAP BW and non-SAP sources (with or without data warehousing).

Tableau supports direct connection to SAP BW data stockroom and SAP HANA. Supplies the capability to conduct what-if analysis, and SAP data mash-ups with demographics, market data and other internal or external data sources.

WebFOCUS from Information Builders delivers functional company intelligence with basic, actionable reporting for SAP. Access and integrate all SAP and non-SAP data sources in real time, turn data into relevant, consistent information, and rapidly deliver information to every user in the enterprise– from executives and business analysts, to employees, partners, and consumers.

WebFOCUS for SAP considerably lowers the risk, cost, and time connected with moving or transforming data and applications into business storage facility. You can integrate data silos without moving the data while scaling to manage enhancing numbers of concurrent users– without jeopardizing application performance.

SAP has acknowledged the benefits of WebFOCUS and accredited it to be Powered by SAP NetWeaver. With confidence deploy WebFOCUS on the SAP Web Application Server Release 6.40 or higher and deliver qualified WebFOCUS iViews into the SAP Enterprise Website.



Every Angle is out-of-the-box software utilized for functional business analytics on SAP data and supplies horizontal operational BI for the business users on the cutting edge.

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