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Why Leasing is Better Than Hiring.

As a startup you don’t have time to hire and train the resource internally. It is definitely costly and time consuming phenomenon to develop a skillful web or mobile developer inside. When it comes to the software frameworks like those on Ruby on Rails the story gets even more challenging. Inducing expertise from day one in the project is a more suitable option compared to hiring and grooming knowledge with considerable investment.

You can hire a Ruby on Rails developer for fast paced application development. Leasing team of experts cuts short your application development time and also reduce the costs. Interestingly, you can find project coordinators either working from your office location or your city that can take responsibility of project coordination with the ‘Remote Team’.

Ruby on Rails advanced features pitfalls.

Ruby on Rails has now become one of the most leading and admired frameworks for building dynamic web applications. It has been adopted by everyone from scrappy startups to huge companies because of its robust and scalable nature. So here we will discuss few pitfalls while using Ruby for you business if it is in hands of unskilled or unprofessional developers. 

Security Risks

All versions of the open source Ruby on Rails Web application framework released in the past six years have a critical vulnerability that an attacker could exploit to execute arbitrary code, steal information from databases and crash servers. 

Performance Risks

Ruby on Rails sites have some serious performance issues? Ruby on Rails sites are usually slower than java or .net sites. But this can be quickly sorted out if you have a skilled programmer for it. 

Unstable Application Risks

When you develop something in Ruby on Rails, you will most likely encounter strange errors here and there. These errors may look like language or framework bugs, but they are not. Most likely, they are programming bugs you were not aware of before you encountered them.

You can also find some surprising bugs as well as unicode problems, ever failing presence validation, routing error and housekeeping errors.



These pitfalls of using Rails are just like common causes that can be sorted out easily by competent resources. Virtual teams comprising of programmers or developers can answer all the challenges. Business should think beyond physical boundaries and should hire software developers on lease if they are unable to execute it inhouse efficiently and effectively.


Case Study:

Start-up Developed An e-Transaction Cloud Hiring VizTeam on Lease  


HIre a Ruby on Rails Developer on Lease to develop Ruby on Rails based framework applications
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