IBM Maximo for EAM

Asset Management from IBM Maximo gives you the power and efficiency to drive asset management in your organization to a new level.

Built on a single software platform, Maximo Asset Management delivers a thorough view of all asset kinds – manufacturing, gyms, transportation and IT – across your enterprise. This holistic viewpoint permits you to see all your properties and recognize untapped potential within them, obtaining the understanding and control you need to closely align your organization’s objectives with the overall goals of your business.
IBM Maximo is Designed from the Ground up to Support Asset Management
IBM Maximo data structures and business procedures support best-practice asset decision-making. An Asset record is categorized with characteristics such as material type, diameter, rating, power output, producer and installation date. These attributes can be augmented, if coupled with the Maximo Utilities develop, by Maximo Spatial GIS integration to provide geographic attributes such as soil kind, connectivity and length. Flowing with the IBM Maximo asset record are various processes which further augment the data relevant to the asset. These include the Service Chain (SLA management), Work Order (planned, reactive, CAPEX, condition) and inventory/procurement (expenses, distribution dates, vendor efficiency and guarantee).


The Six Modules in IBM Maximo EAM

IBM maximo

Including 6 key management modules – Asset, Work, Service, Contract, Materials and Procurement Management – Maximo Asset Management is the only solution you have to optimise the performance of every asset.

To assist make the most of the return on possessions, Maximo Asset Management enables you to develop detailed programs for precautionary, predictive, regular and unintended maintenance.

Together, these programs add to your goals of minimizing costs and increasing asset uptime.

Upkeep activity taped on the asset gives the essential amount of failure/performance data to offer expense, failure and fit-for-purpose data attributes against that asset. This information can then be made use of by means of IBM Maximo’s reporting suite, or external reporting tools, to trend asset performance and make effective asset financial investment decisions.

IBM Maximo has 150 conventional reports concentrated on Asset Management processes that include mean time to failure, mean time to fix, asset failure analysis, asset cost analysis and vendor analysis. Additionally, IBM Maximo offers e-query and e-spreadsheet abilities to provide ad-hoc data interrogation to support asset lifecycle planning.

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