Harness the Power of Data in Retail


The multiplication of retail channels and the increasing use of social media sites are empowering consumers. With a wealth of information readily available online, consumers are now much better able to compare products, services and rates– even as they shop in physical shops. When consumers interact with companies openly with social media, they have greater power to influence other clients or damage a brand.

In order for sellers to capitalize on these and other changes in the market, they need ways to collect, handle and evaluate a significant volume, variety, velocity and accuracy of data. If retailers succeed in resolving the difficulties of “huge data,” they can utilize this data to create important insights for individualizing marketing and enhancing the effectiveness of marketing projects, enhancing assortment and merchandising choices, and eliminating ineffectiveness in distribution and operations.

Embracing options made to capitalize on big data enables business to browse the shifting retail landscape and drive favorable improvement including these essential objectives:

  • Deliver a smarter shopping experience.
  • Construct smarter retailing and supply networks.
  • Deliver a smarter shopping experience.


Successfully evaluating the large volume and range of customer data opens brand-new opportunities to acquire a much deeper, more total understanding of each customer and develop a smarter shopping experience.

If are you are faced with this difficulty, a robust big data platform can assist collect and evaluate customer information from a bigger variety of sources than before– including POS systems, online deals, social media, loyalty programs, call center records and more. That information deepens their understanding of customer preferences, helps them more precisely recognize shopping patterns and enables them to produce even more accurate customer division. Sellers can then utilize new ideas to deliver extremely targeted, location-based advertisings, in real time.


Build Smarter Retailing and Supply Networks.

  • With much better knowledge of competitive pricing and demand trends, retailers can initiate sales and promotions that assist prevent losing business. Executing a huge data platform can assist merchants construct smarter supply chains and enhance merchandising across a multi-channel retail operation:.
  • Predict ideal prices and maintain a price leadership position by analyzing rate and demand flexibility.
  • Select the right product for each channel and fine-tune local assortment planning by drawing on ideas from social media sites, market reports, internal sales data and customer buying patterns.
  • Optimize inventory throughout several channels by using leading indications such as customer belief and promotional buzz to anticipate future demand.


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