Food eCommerce Trends in 2015

74% of 2,000 British buyers surveyed acknowledged that they have previously bought food and drinks online. In addition 4% of individuals store online on a weekly to regular monthly basis.

This reveals consumer confidence in buying food online. If you don’t currently have an online website, now might be a great time to think about your options as over a 3rd of the population regularly buy their food and drink online.

Additionally it has actually been reported by Ecommerce News that British consumers spend almost 5 times more online on groceries than they do in-store. Therefore that 40% more business might increase your earnings by 100%.


Time Spent Shopping Online

Many British customers checked said that they invest just around 15 minutes looking for food and beverage online; with lots of declaring that online shopping takes too long. This is a short space of time, considering that the typical in-store store takes around 30 – 60 minutes.

With this in mind, it is important to develop a web site that is quick to utilize.

Concentrate on developing a search function that is easy to use and has excellent search results. Think of how your customers wish to discover their products; do they all search for ‘sandwiches’ in the same way? It is best practise to offer as flexible a search function as possible; for example one that permits a preliminary keyword search query but then likewise provides filters to fine tune the search results.

Another alternative is to save customer’s previous orders. This way your customers can quickly and easily reorder the food and drink they want on a regular basis.


Upselling and Promotions

Customers appreciate an excellent rate online. It is as simple as clicking a button to switch between different online merchants. Therefore it is probably unsurprising that 50% of individuals surveyed mentioned that an excellent rate is the major engaging reason for buying a product.

Furthermore 61% of those checked confessed that offers and vouchers have the power to disrupt regular buying habits. Therefore promotional offers are favorable for customer loyalty.

With this in mind, having offers and promos feature in dominant positions on your website, such as the homepage, need to motivate consumers to feel that you provide value for money and should attract them to purchase additional items.


Time of Delivery

25% of shoppers have reservations about shopping online due to troublesome delivery times. With the traditional UK working hours being between 9am – 5pm, customers are progressively anticipating services which fit around these times.

Therefore shipment choices are vital in order to fit around the ever hectic customer. Whether the top priority be time, price, or service; by permitting the customer to pick you are putting the delivery in their hands. It is essential to be flexible, and permit your customers to feel that as a business you are putting in every effort to help them get their items at a time that is convenient to them.


Video Advertisements

The food industry often markets the psychological connection between consumers and their products. Video is an especially excellent marketing strategy for affecting emotions due to the traditional story narrative and multi-sense experience.

In the UK, the enhanced effort in video and social networks is credited with assisting quick moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands moving a focus far from direct response activity and onto building longer enduring customer loyalty.

Along with TV commercials, videos can also be incorporated into internet marketing through social media. If you have a clear story and the ideal spending plan, expressing your brand through video is a reliable way of connecting with your audience and revealing your consumers the character of your brand.



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