Focus on Profitable Growth by Streamline Planning and Consolidation with SAP BPC

The SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application speeds up planning and combined monetary reporting procedures. It supports planning, budgeting, and forecasting abilities with management and legal consolidation functionality in a single application. You can rapidly readjust strategies and forecasts, reduce spending plan cycle time, close guides faster, assist guarantee compliance with regulative and monetary requirements, and get the info you have to make even more positive choices.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation facilitates planning and monetary close procedures, assists guarantee information is reputable and current, and makes it possible for individuals to work together even more quickly through familiar, user-friendly user interfaces.

Business Challenges

  • Reduce planning and budgeting cycles
  • Improve forecast precision
  • Accelerate and automate the monetary close
  • Lower compliance and auditing expenses


Primary Features

  • Intuitive user interfaces– Leverage Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and Web-based user interfaces
  • Business procedure streams– Enable consistency and presence
  • Top-down and bottom-up budgeting– Align budget plans with targets
  • Automated consolidation capacities– Speed the monetary close
  • Management and statutory consolidations– View monetary information based upon reporting guidelines
  • Compliance and auditing– Comply with policies and requirements such as GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards
  • What-if analysis and situation planning– Model various circumstances to examine possible results
  • Variance reporting– Compare strategies versus real outcomes and figure out reasons for variations


Business Benefits

With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation you can improve the procedure of producing and accepting strategies, spending plans, and forecasts and closing guides. Empower business individuals and decrease training with instinctive user interfaces. Assist guarantee information quality with a main repository. Align prepares with strategic objectives with top-down and bottom-up budgeting. Enable precise, quick closing with automated consolidation procedures. Fulfill statutory and management guidelines with reporting and audit path functionality. And you can minimize business and compliance threat with quick, precise management and statutory reporting.

  • Reduced planning and consolidation cycle times thanks to more trusted, prompt monetary information
  • More exact strategies, budget plans, and forecasts due to collaboration and responsibility
  • Increased stakeholder self-confidence with a quick and exact monetary close
  • Minimized compliance danger with precise reporting that satisfies statutory guidelines
  • Improved information quality with a main information repository



Below are a few of the advantages over other software applications:

– Applications devoted to obtain much better control over the monetary business procedures.
– Intelligent options for complicated consolidation work (compliance with regulative guidelines).
– Retain its stand out like user interface offering versatility to alter the model of reporting (without much assistance of IT support).
– Talks in individual friendly terms which offers a much better understanding at functional level (minimum individual training).
– Information gain access to for wanted individuals to comprehend business performance and future analysis.
– Gives a much better idea for threat computation and positioning of existing performance to preferred business objectives effectively.
– Ensures much better control over the information, protection over info gain access to and attaining wanted outcomes.
– Through BPC can enhance the reliability and dependability.
– Can have audit trial.
– Can enhance their business procedure.
– Can create precise strategies, budget plans and can integrate the real with their historical information.
– Can have efficient report generation in monetary planning and at functional level.
– Can streamline all the information and can combine their business earnings as an single entity or several entitles.
– BPC will assist in minimizing the down time of approvals in budgeting.
– Improves choice making procedure.


BPC is everything a company has to satisfy its monetary and functional planning guidelines, consolidation and reporting, all which is now offered with a single application and interface. SAP BPC will assist your company attain a unified procedure that will enable you to much better strategy, handle and enhance performance. Much better positioning of goals, strategies and strategies, enhanced decision-making and notably, enhanced execution of company goals: these are a few of the perks of BPC.


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