Employment Ontario – SQS – Service Quality Report Simplified! – Part 1

We will be publishing a series of articles on decoding ‘Detailed Service Quality’ report.This is the fundamental report that can help management understand the current performance of the organization and define strategy and goals to further improve it.

Before we explain the rationale of each report component. It would be a good idea to highlight the different uses of this report. Below are listed key questions answered by this report:

  1. Who is recieving service?
  2. How is that Service delivered and experienced?
  3. How many completed the service?
  4. What was the impact on the individual in terms of results and satisfaction?

This report has three main focus areas:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Effectiveness of Service
  3. Efficiency of the service


CUSTOMER SERVICE – Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service is further subdivided in to two focus areas:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Service Coordination

Our focus for today’s discussion is ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

If you look at the structure of the report, each ‘Focus Area’ is measured for performance in terms of four ‘dimensions’ namely:

  1. YTD All Participants
  2. YTD Job Search
  3. YTD Job Placement
  4. YTD Job Retention.

Each dimension is evaluated on three values namely, Numenator, Denominator and Actual columns.



It is important to note the criteria for the participants getting counted for this section of the report:

  • Definition – ‘Assisted Service Participant’ is a participant who recieved at least one of the following services;’Job Search’, ‘Job Matching and Placement’ and/or ‘Job Training/Retention’ services.
  • If the ‘Satisfaction Feedback’ response by participant is greater or equal to 4, the participant is counted for numenator value.
  • If the Satisfaction Feedback’ response by participant is between 1 to 5, the participant will be counted for denominator value.

NOTE: So, to get the better performance score, service providers should ensure the feedback scores are always entered correctly inside CaMS-Case Management System and specially for the three types of sub-goals as shared in the first point.


  • Only those ‘Service Plans’ will be counted in each ‘Focus Area’ where the ‘System Update Date’ when the service plan was closed falls within the reporting period.

CAUTION: The ‘System Update Date’ is the date updated every time CaMS user saves Service Plan record. So, if you mark the service plan ‘Actual End Date’ as ‘May’ but saving the record in the month of ‘June’ (after the 6th day of the month), the reporting system will consider the closure date i.e. system date of  ‘June’

  • Sub-goals that are considered for reporting include; ‘Job Search’, ‘Job Matching & Placement’ and ‘Job Training/Retention’.
  • At least one plan-item must be closed for a sub-goal to get accounted in the ‘All Participants’ dimension.
  • For ‘Job Matching & Placement’ sub-goal only two types of plan-items are included in the report i.e. ‘Placement With Incentives’ and ‘Placement Without Incentives’.
  • Service plans with closure reason ‘Open In Error’ are discounted from the report.
  • Participants may get counted more than once for each type of service recieved. For example, for a single service plan marked as completed with more than one of the above sub-goals , the report counts the same participant more than one time. So, the count of numenator for the ‘Focus-Areas’ may not match ‘All Participants’ figures.



The ‘performance reports’ are generated and published every month based on data for the last month. For the first 6 days of the month the report is published every day over-writing the last day’s report. This is to provide service providers a window of opportunity to upload the latest data into CaMS to get reflected in the ‘Performance Reports’.

The report published on the 6th day is deemed final and saved for the month. Any data updates made by service provider after the 6th day get considered for the following month.

The report by default is accesible to service provider’s ‘Management’ & ‘Staff’ members



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