Downtime reduction: A Profitable Road to Success

Downtime is the time from the first devices breakdown to complete running manufacturing. Plainly at any time manufacturing is not producing quality item earnings are being lost. That alone is great need to deal with the problems that trigger downtime and it’s uncomplicated to do. Just exposing downtime when it takes place is an excellent beginning.

Benefits of Downtime Reduction

Earnings Increment: It is to be anticipated, that the majority of business which feel the have to enhance the quality of their manufacturing process, will attempt to gain from the earnings enhancing result of downtime reduction.

Greater Accessibility: Readily available ability is closer to the created / theoretical capability.

More Steady Manufacturing Process: Less failure will enhance the security of the process.

Planning Renovation: An even more steady manufacturing process will enhance its predictability. The even more foreseeable, the much better the manufacturing and maintenance planning will be.

Enhance of General Process Understanding: Individuals are more likely to think of source and possible options as quickly as issues are securely developed and the major objective is clear.

Item Quality Enhancement: Less process disruptions will guarantee a more steady item quality which is extremely remunerative.

Less Energy Usage: Less energy is lost on refuse and decline. Energy conserving will likewise be attained when all stoppages are focused in one single stop, where case less heat is lost.

Much Better Company: The manufacturing process is supported by a regular and clear analysis of trustworthy, strong and up-to date downtime information. Due to this time conserving treatment, major issues will be acknowledged and focused on at a very early phase of development.

How to Reduce Downtime

All maintenance tasks of the workforce need to be recorded, this consists of breakdown repair works, callouts, preventive maintenance, replacement maintenance, overhauls, and Testing & Inspection work. Maintenance work by manufacturing staff members should be consisted of, whether the employee is noted as in maintenance. These tasks can then be mined for maintenance information “gold”.

List all repeated work
Among the first things that a maintenance manager need to be interesteded in is repeated work. Any and all recurring work needs to be recognized and separated. This list can then be focused on about criticality to Production and plant efficiency.

After the list has actually been reorganized, each job product should be evaluated to figure out if the recurring work is really focuseded on repairing an issue or taking care of a sign of a much deeper trouble. Taking care of signs has the instant impact of enabling manufacturing to quickly return to, however does absolutely nothing for the underlying issue(s). The underlying trouble might get even worse.

Development of a Solution
As quickly as a high concern issue has actually been recognized and evaluated, work must start on development of an option to the trouble. As soon as the option to the trouble has actually been put together, strategies can be created acquiring necessary parts and product and afterwards planning the workforce and manufacturing time to execute the option.

Maintenance planning of Machine Repair
Full documents is definitely vital for control of the maintenance process. Exactly how can the process of maintenance be under control if the individual in charge has no total concept of exactly what the overall maintenance tasks and expenses are? If required repair works are not recorded and prepared for, a substantial section of these required repair works and adjustments will be forgotten or disregarded till manufacturing attempts to run once again.

Justify Machine Repair Expense
Planning crucial repair works and adjustments needs documents. It is simple to state that we require an adjustment to this certain machine and output of this line can be enhanced 25 %. With no planning, 6 months later on no work has actually been done on the concept. Even if the concept were in fact to be in some way carried out, the output boost could not pertain to fulfillment.

If no study was accomplished on the remainder of the line devices, there is no particular method of figuring out line and devices capability. Exactly how would the machine have the ability to enhance output 25 % if its existing output was currently 100 % of the lines real output capability? All the expenses related to enhancing the one machine’s capability would have been squandered, unless added work was carried out to bring the remainder of the manufacturing line approximately the output of the one machine.

A manufacturing line’s output capability is just as fantastic as it’s least piece of devices. That bears duplicating. A manufacturing line is just as quick as it’s slowest piece of devices. A chain is just as strong as its weakest link.

Prioritize your Maintenance Planning List
With paperwork, the list of concern work issues to address can be minimized relatively quickly, at. The list of quickly fixed trouble locations will progressively be changed by greater expense work products. Study and planning could disclose that the expenses included with getting rid of some repeated repair works are more than dealing with the repeated repair works.

Compare Production Downtime after Solution
After execution of the option, manufacturing downtime for that specific product can be recorded and compared with pre-implementation manufacturing output. Maintenance time not invested on dealing with that fixed issue can likewise be recorded for the exact same period. These cost savings can then be extrapolated for a whole year and provided to management to validate the expense of repair works.


With great information on downtime, troubles can be addressed and downtime decreased. When a downtime occasion occurs such as a pump bearing failure due to the fact that of misalignment, you have to not just fix that pump/motor problem, however likewise take a look at various other positioning concerns with comparable pump/motors, and the positioning program for the full plant. By determining a possible program failure such as the PM treatment of examining for misalignment (and remedying that for the plant not simply the one pump that fell short), you will fix numerous even more issues and lower downtime quicker for all products, as opposed to fire battling and chasing after misalignments each time they happen.

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