Is there a Difference between Marketing and Sales?

Marketing vs Sales is a very old battle. Some people believe that marketing drives sales, and others would bet their life that sales doesn’t require marketing to flourish. Whichever your belief, it’s truly excellent to understand the distinction between the two!


Marketing VS Sales: The Breakdown


Marketing: With marketing the goal is always focused around positioning. What’s positioning? Simply put, it implies to align your brand name with your certain niche or industry; it’s the marketer’s constant have to make an impression on current and potential clients.
Sales: With sales it’s clear that the objective is constantly more– you guessed it– sales! With quotas to meet, there’s very little space for anything else.

State Of Mind

Marketing: For online marketers to attain ongoing success, they need to operate around an integrated marketing method. This implies helping with branding, messaging, communications, and sales.
Sales: Sales associates usually do not worry about an overarching approach when it comes to garnering more sales, rather use tried-and-true tactics (such as making 100 sales calls each week) to determine success.

Knowledge Base

Marketing: There are literally thousands of technical aspects a marketer should know to utilize, determine, and report on their projects. Marketing & PPC; & PPC; Web Design & Analytics; Database Management and/or CRM; Automation; Statistics and Reporting, and so on
Sales: Execution, or better known to sales representatives as, “making shiz happen.” This is their main concern and main responsibility; experience and “who you know” plays a big role here.

I Heart _____!

Marketing: While smart online marketers love the customer (because they realize the consumer shapes the brand), at the end of the day they must love, support and continue to reinvent the brand.
Sales: Meanwhile, smart sales reps love their customers. By concentrating on the customer and their needs, they can boost repeat business and recommendations, and that just means more execution and more SALES!


Marketing: The marketing division has huge shoes to fill when it comes to providing the kinds of content and messaging each brand needs because they not only have to focus on the customer, they have to make efforts to reach investors and manage public relations.
Sales: Again, sales has the luxury of worrying about their # 1– the customer!


Marketing: While marketing focuses on the brand (hey, it’s what they love!), I believe we’re seeing a shift to be more customer-centric. I’m unsure the consumer will ever take first place with the marketing division, but in my mind they ought to be a very close second.
Sales: If you know any hardcore sales representatives, you KNOW they’ve got the customers back– frequently times more so than the company’s. It makes good sense since these individuals are their support, but sales reps would do themselves a favor by learning to introduce the business in a much better light (and work together with marketing).


Basically both marketing and sales aim to increase brand name exposure and profits. In addition, both sales and marketing work to convert prospects to paying and loyal customers.



Marketing involves a “one to many” approach to meet the outlined goals, while sales uses a “one to one” strategy

Sales can be tactic based because they are working in shorter cycles with push-based techniques, whereas marketing must develop a long-term strategy based on pull-based tactics.

Marketing VS Sales: Yeah, There’s A Difference image marketing strategy.


Marketing & Sales Need To Work Together

Excellent marketers are adding value to the sales process. Good sales reps are giving invaluable information to marketers about the current landscape in addition to customer feedback.

It takes a persistent effort from both groups to continuously reach out and touch prospective clients through the pipeline.

Have you established a procedure for aligning these 2 essential facets of business?

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