Data visualization and Predictive Analytics with SAP Lumira

SAP rolled out its most current data-visualization and analytics software at an even in Las Vegas, and the highlights consist of a new low-cost, on-premises version of the Lumia data-visualization platform for small- and mid-sized businesses and an incorporated suite of analytics tools for professionals and business users alike.

Lumira is SAP’s answer to the hot-selling items from data-visualization expert Tableau Software and data-exploration specialist Qlik software, both which have been the fastest-growing suppliers in the BI and analytics market for the past couple of years. Lumira was introduced as a rebranding of SAP Visual Intelligence product in 2013, and it marked the intro of Lumira Cloud.

SAP also presented Lumira Edge edition as a lightweight, low-priced, on-premises alternative for small- and midsized-businesses, in addition to departments of larger companies. It’s an alternative to Lumira Cloud, which promotes fast-deployment for people and workgroups, and Lumira Desktop, which is quickly cost effective and available to business analysts, according to SAP, but does not have workgroup collaboration functions.

Business analysts inform us that they have to bring multiple data sources together to answer business questions, and that includes individual Excel files, enterprise sources, and unstructured files. A typical example is understanding how sales groups are doing against their quotas. The profits numbers usually come from an enterprise system, while quote information might be in a spreadsheet. With Desktop a business analyst could combine the data, however it was difficult to share the results and collaborate with others.

Lumira Edge runs on a simple, embedded in-memory engine, and the whole system is said to install on product x86 servers in fewer than 15 minutes. The system maxes out at 100 called users or up to 50 simultaneous users. The cost is $1,300 per called user or $26,000 per 5 concurrent users.

Motivated by BusinessObjects Edge edition, another low-cost, SMB providing, Lumira Edge will certainly integrate with the larger BusinessObjects BI platform beginning in April, according to Landry. That suggests Lumira Edge can make use of enterprise data sources when developing data visualizations, then released visualizations can be revitalized as data in the original sources is updated.

SAP makes it possible for consumers to assess, forecast and run their business in real time. Clients can achieve rapid understanding to help close the gap in between business deals, data preparation, analysis and action.

SAP Lumira software developments include the ability to deliver governed data discovery and agile visualization with business intelligence (BI) platform integration for enterprise and small and midsize enterprise (SME) customers with a new in-memory engine. Other features include:

  • Smart insights with time series forecasting and outlier detection.
  • Extension manager for in-product SAP partner or individual visual extensions.
  • New crosstab capabilities for multidimensional analysis to easily switch rows and columns, show hierarchies and data formatting.
  • Ability to easily share beautiful insights with abilities for chart zooming, new chart types and boosted infographics with support for ESRI maps.
  • Big Data discovery and data wrangling with Hadoop, helping end users to gain access to, prepare and mash with traditional data sources.
  • High performance and data mash-ups with SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) application data
    SAP IT Operations Analytics software, a new solution for real-time data center insights to predict important events.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, which delivers self-service dashboards, geo-mapping, offline abilities and integration with SAP Lumira.
  • The SAP Agile Data Preparation application, which enables everybody with the self-service ability to quickly find, enhance and integrate data from numerous sources to drive much better analytics.
  • SAP Predictive Analytics developments, which bring together a single solution for data scientists and business analysts, making forecasts simple, quick and precise.
  • Digitally native in-app purchase capability for SAP Lumira.

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