Considerations to Hire a Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

The increasing popularity of Ruby on Rails as one of the leading programming languages in the global development community has increased the importance of remote software development market. Organizations from all over the world are looking for high-quality, cost-effective alternatives for Rails development services that can develop their product and scale their technology platforms in the quickest time-frame possible.

While remote development services are nothing new, the practice has actually advanced remarkably over the past decade to play an essential role in the international software development landscape. If your considering overseas services as a possible development choice, you’ll wish to follow these standard standards making sure your next project is a success.


Active Projects

Whichever company you finally choose, make certain to setup clear project management procedures. Follow a development schedule comprised of brief two-week sprints that allow for everyday check-ins using popular video communication platforms like Skype, GoToMeeting Hangout or Facetime. Be proactive and set clear expectations with deliverables, then make certain they are carried out. Interact your expectations both verbally and in writing, supplying no opportunity for miscommunication. If nothing else, this keeps you truthful about your very own expectations and the procedures you put in place.

Trial Run

It’s recommended that every new overseas development relationship start off gradually with a test project. Don’t simply dive into an important task adding unnecessary tension to an already demanding adjustment duration. Remote and in-house teams require time to adapt to the other’s working and communication styles. This is often achieved through a preliminary training or a trial quality assurance task that enables the groups the opportunity to build an efficient working relationship.

Communication & Procedures

Obvious considerations should first be given to aspects of logistics. Distinction of time zones, methods of communication, and project management structures need to be carefully prepared. Every remote development firm should be utilizing agile methodology in their development process, full with full openness on all project interactions, scrum meetings and access to all variations of code. The more responsive remote development firms will even provide hybrid development services, or on-site project management, which frees up your team members from having to offer consistent oversight to a development group that may be found on the other side of the world. Ensure your selected developer satisfies your certain logistical requirements from the start and you will have laid the foundation for a strong longterm collaboration.

Social Evidence

It is important to do your research about the resource. Make sure that your overseas company can provide customer cases and do not hesitate to request references to previous clients if there is an issue on their ability to deliver on their mentioned skills. Always remain conscious of any company that can’t demonstrate a history of delivering results.



The remote Rails development market will play an important role in the global digital economy. Discovering the ideal partner requires a small advance investment in time and resources, however will certainly add in cost savings and value to bottom line if the proper steps are taken to ensure a great fit.

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