Challenges for Data Migration Experts

Data Migrations might appear as easy as making use of a plug-and-play device. This is wishful thinking. It is far more than that. Data Migrations is a meticulous process that includes a substantial amount of details, techniques and above all, cautious planning. It involves people and their full participation, their patience, their hard work and obviously their commitment.

Expectations are the foundation to develop a mutual understanding among all parties involved in a project, acknowledging and collectively assessing exactly what can and cannot be done, in addition to the foundational answers to many questions: what? how? when,? and the why’s?

This is the very first and the majority of vital principle presented and talked about throughout a data migration project. In this preliminary stage we address stress and anxieties, hopes and perceived outcomes, therefore set the tone for the whole of the project. Right here are the key and crucial things we attend to at these very first conferences:.


Data Migrations are Difficult however are likewise Rewarding

Migrations are tough. We acknowledge that. However migrations are uncomplicated because of the tools or scripts or other technological resources readily available to move the data. That’s the easy part! The difficulty comes from the demands of the project: the hard work from all celebrations included, their participation, devotion and collaboration, all going into the planning and execution of a tailored strategic plan. Needless to say, there will be a number of conferences, emails, conversations, conference calls, (you call it!) prior to any data is moved!


Not all of the Legacy Data will be Migrated

This is a provided. Our focus is to strategically migrate the most meaningful and cleanest possible data to augment the quality, performance and effectiveness of the organization’s fundraising efforts, business procedures and practices when executing the brand-new CRM system. The most commonly found scenario is when customers are faced with big difficulties at the time of needing to create reports. If your data isn’t really clean and in the right location your reports will be as confusing and as worthless as your data. This is the really reason for strategic data migrations: the opportunity for an expert to evaluate the data, clean it and tactically migrate it so it makes sense, can be depended on and made use of to make significant and understandable reports.


It will take Months

There is no such thing as quick and extensive migration– if a migration is quick, you can be sure that it is “quick-and-dirty” and you will get exactly that: a thrown together collection of dirty, unorganized data. A well prepared and performed migration will take months. There are naturally lots of aspects that will add to the length of a data migration project. Among them, the size of the heritage system, the number and sort of records, the volume of data, business processes to be aligned, spending plan, added services such as de-duplication and integration, staff included and their availability, Holidays, PTO, and etcetera. A typical migration will take 3 to 4 months, but Heller Consulting has deal with migrations that have actually lasted anywhere from 2 months to over a year and one half.


Data Migrations aren’t Flawless

Noting is one hundred percent perfect, nothing. We rely on numerous resources, on effective hardware, on the latest software and, people, methods, and a myriad of other tools to make data migrations effective. However no matter exactly how successful completion product is, it will not result in a one hundred percent transfer of all the data from your tradition system into the brand-new one. Some data will be left behind because of wise and thoroughly made decisions by the entire team, but, since absolutely nothing is perfect, we include errors, whether technology or human, in our strategic modeling. As humans, we accept less than one hundred percent perfection in our every day lives; migrations are no exception.


There will be “Change”

Change is an inevitable reality of data migrations, a frightening scenario for some. This is maybe one of the biggest challenges we deal with, the fear of changing, changing the method that data is going to be entered in their brand-new system, the appearance of it, the look and feeling of a new software, the uncertainty about whether the brand-new system will have the ability to perform the same functions as the tradition system and a limitless number of reasons why moving to a new system many not be such a good idea. This is why we put in the time to train people, to assist build rely on and understanding of the brand-new system and how data can now be made use of for complete maximization.

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